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19 November 2014
Deakin will welcome 17 new postdoctoral research fellows in 2015.

Research at Deakin is set to continue to gain momentum in 2015 - with 17 high calibre researchers successful in the latest round of Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellowships.

Of the new fellows, seven are internal applicants, six will be arriving from overseas (from the UK, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Canada and India) and four will be joining Deakin from other Australian institutions.

The two-year fellowships are awarded to excellent early career researchers, who are within five years of completing their PhDs, wish to excel in their chosen research field, and whose research projects align with Deakin’s research footprint.

“The Alfred Deakin Fellowships offer a wonderful opportunity for top calibre researchers to develop their careers,” said Deakin’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Lee Astheimer.

“The new fellows will have the opportunity to collaborate with world experts in their research fields and gain a whole new level of independence and research autonomy.”

The fellowships are a key part of Deakin’s research growth, with many Alfred Deakin fellows going on to gain further fellowships and grants, and become research leaders in their fields.

2015 Alfred Deakin Post-Doctoral Research Fellows:

Faculty of Arts and Education

  • Deakin’s Dr Michelle Smith will conduct research within the School of Communication and Creative Arts on “Beautiful girls: consumer culture in British literature and magazines, 1850-1914.” (Prof Clare Bradford).

Faculty of Health

  • Deakin’s Dr Lisa Barnett will continue within the School of Health and Social Development, conducting research on the reciprocal and causal relationships between movement skill competence and physical activity from infancy to adolescence. (Prof Jo Salmon).
  • Deakin’s Dr Sharon Brennan-Olsen will continue her research in the Centre for Innovation in Mental and Physical Health and Clinical Treatment (IMPACT), investigating the psychosocial and socioeconomic disparities in osteoporosis and the uptake of osteoporosis-related healthcare, using a multi-disciplinary approach. (Dr Lana Williams).
  • The UK’s Dr Katherine Livingstone will join the Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research to undertake research on the relationship between dietary patterns and cardiometabolic disease in the Australian population. (A/Prof Sarah McNaughton).
  • Dr Allison Milner will join Deakin Population Health to undertake research on job stress and suicide, overseeing a case?control study assessing exposure to job stress using innovative epidemiological approaches. (Prof Tony LaMontagne).
  • Deakin’s Dr Melanie Nichols will continue to undertake research within Deakin Population Health. Her research will focus on the impact of community, environmental and policy factors on the development of early childhood obesity. (Prof Steven Allender).
  • Vietnam’s Dr Ha Lien Phuong Tran will join the Centre for Molecular and Medical Research to undertake research on the development of aptamer-based nanomedicine to overcome chemoresistance in solid cancers. (Prof Wei Duan).
  • Dr Anna Ugalde will join the Centre for Quality and Patient Safety Research to undertake research related to a cancer app delivery improvement (CANDID) study, including a randomised controlled trial. (Prof Trish Livingston).

Faculty of Science and Technology

  • Dr Dominic Agyei will join the Centre for Chemistry and Biotechnology to undertake research in the engineering and immobilization of lipases for effective transesterification of lipids into biodiesel. (Prof Colin Barrow).
  • Dr Chandan Karmakar will join the Centre for Pattern Recognition and Data Analytics to undertake research concerning the development of a novel sensor device and signal processing framework for unsupervised and low-cost monitoring of atrial fibrillation. (Prof Svetha Venkatesh).
  • India’s Dr Vinod Kumar Saranthan will join the Centre for Integrative Ecology (CIE) for research on the evolutionary photonics of self?assembled, amorphous, structural-colour producing feather barb nanostructures in Australian parrots and bowerbirds. (Prof ATD Bennett).
  • Dr Gail Schofield will join Deakin full-time to work in the CIE, researching sea turtle sex ratios and climate change. (Prof Graeme C Hays).
  • Dr Alexander Wilson from Canada will undertake research in the CIE on the causes and consequences of inflexible behaviour (‘personality’) in a variable and changing world. (A/Prof Peter Biro).

Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM)

  • Deakin’s Dr Ludovic Dumee will continue his research in the IFM, exploring the coalescence mechanisms for nano-porous metal frameworks synthesis. (Prof Peter Hodgson).
  • Dr Lakshmanan Shanmugam from India will join the Centre for Intelligent Systems Research to undertake research on computational intelligence-based online learning models, including theoretical investigations and practical applications. (Prof Saeid Nahavandi).
  • Deakin’s Dr MD Mokhlesur Rahman will continue to undertake research within the IFM, in relation to developing next generation sodium-ion batteries with a new class of transition metal oxide-based hybrid anodes. (Prof Ying (Ian) Chen).
  • Dr Jyotish Debnath will join the IFM to undertake research on thermoelectric and magnetocaloric effects of earth-abundant elements, working towards energy harvesting applications. (Prof Matthew Barnett).

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Alfred Deakin The new fellows will have the opportunity to collaborate with world experts in their research fields and gain a whole new level of independence and research autonomy.

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