Alfred Deakin Professors

10 October 2012

Six receive University's highest award.

Deakin University has announced six new Alfred Deakin Professors.

They are:

The title of Alfred Deakin Professor is the most prestigious that the University can bestow on its staff. The decision by the University's Council to confer the title of Alfred Deakin Professor on six members at one time is testament to the academic excellence Deakin is managing to nurture and attract.

Previous winners of the title Alfred Deakin Professor are:

Professor Greg Collier

Professor Joan Beaumont

Professor Peter Hodgson

Professor Julian Mercer

Professor William Logan

Professor Xungai Wang

Professor Saeid Nahavandi

Professor David Crawford

Professor Boyd Swinburn

Professor Marita McCabe

Professor Jillian Blackmore

Professor Mari Botti

Professor Paresh Narayan

Professor David Walker

Alfred Deakin Alfred Deakin was Australia's second prime minister.

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