Cadel stands to earn millions

25 July 2011

Yellow jersey will turn into gold, says Professor David Shilbury.

Cadel Evans stands to earn millions after conquering cycling's toughest race, Karen Collier has written in The Herald Sun.

Sports marketing experts believe the Aussie has been catapulted into superstar status that will reap rich rewards from endorsements and sponsorships.

Deakin University director of sport management Professor David Shilbury said the yellow jersey was likely to earn gold for Evans and his BMC Racing team, especially in Europe.

"He will live on this for a lifetime if his managers get it right," Professor Shilbury said.

The Tour de France winner's purse of 450,000 euros ($595,000), traditionally split between team riders, is small fry compared with the huge marketing opportunities that a victory presents.

"Cycling in Europe is mega bucks, so it could mean tens of millions over years, well after his career has ended," Professor Shilbury said.

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Cadel Evans Cadel Evans wearing his official Geelong Otway Tourism ambassador's blazer, endorsing both the region's tourism attractions and bike safety.

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