Deakin Neural Network

18 June 2012

Researchers' brainchild to build collaborations.

The recently established Deakin Neural Network offers an opportunity for researchers interested in the brain to come together to build collaborations, exchange ideas  and bridge the gap between research and training in areas relevant to brain function.

The network is the brainchild of Professor Andy Sinclair and Dr Laura Gray from the School of Medicine.

“We have a growing population of researchers who are interested in the brain,” Professor Sinclair said.

“However, the size, diversity and geographic separation of the University’s research population present challenges to the creation of collaborations and the sharing of expertise and interests.

“The aim of the network is to provide a link for all these researchers.”

One of the network’s first initiatives was to hold a symposium in June.

“This symposium brought together a wide range of colleagues from Deakin’s various campuses,” Dr Gray said.

Researchers presented a brief overview of their research interests, to promote discussion and to highlight areas of potential interface between research groups.

 “It was a highly successful day and we believe it will lead to a number of very positive collaborations throughout the University.  We hope to expand the network and hold additional events in the future.”

Dr Olivia Dean makes her presentation to the symposium. Dr Olivia Dean makes her presentation to the symposium.

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