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03 November 2011

Professors Peter Hodgson and Bill Logan made Fellows of respective Learned Academies.

Two Deakin professors, William (Bill) Logan and Peter Hodgson,  have won significant recognition for their academic careers.

Professor Peter Hodgson been made a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences.

Professor Logan has been made a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia.

"I offer both Bill and Peter my heartiest of congratulations," said Deakin's Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Lee Astheimer.

"They have given wonderful service not just to Deakin, but their areas of expertise.

"This recognition is thoroughly deserved."

There are four Learned Academies in Australia:

  •  Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
  •  Australian Academy of Science
  •  Australian Academy of Humanities
  •  Academy of the Social Sciences

The purpose of the Learned Academies is to promote their specific areas, the achievements and contributions through education, awards and public awareness.

Each has a distinguished membership.

Fellows are nominated by a current Fellow and only those with outstanding achievements and contributions are selected.

Professor Hodgson has established a world-class research and teaching facility at Deakin University during the past 15 years and built an important technological base in advanced manufacturing technology serving the broader Australian engineering community. He has attracted 300 world-class scientists and research engineers to Deakin, $20 million in collaborative research funding and has an international research reputation.

Professor Logan is a geographer specialising as both scholar and practitioner in the field of heritage studies. 

His current research interests are:

  • Cultural heritage, especially heritage places and intangible heritage in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.
  • World Heritage.
  • Cultural diversity, heritage and human rights.
  • Urban planning history.
  • Vietnam's cultural history and heritage.
Professor Peter Hodgson Professor Peter Hodgson

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