DVC (Research) comments on Deakin's ERA performance

02 February 2011

Professor Lee Astheimer congratulates successful world standard researchers.

Deakin University’s DVC (Research), Professor Lee Astheimer, has congratulated those researchers who returned outstanding results in ERA.

“We received the top ranking of 5, defined as well above world standards, in Materials Engineering, Medical Physiology and Human Movement and Sports Sciences and Zoology,” Professor Astheimer said.

“We also received rankings of 4, defined as above world standards, in the Engineering and Medical and Health Sciences clusters, and in the specific fields of Analytical Chemistry, Fisheries Sciences, Manufacturing Engineering, Paediatrics and Reproductive Medicine, Pharmacology, Nursing, Nutrition and Dietetics, Commercial Services, and Curatorial Studies.”

Deakin is performing at world standard - with a rank of 3 or above - in 40% of the broad discipline areas for which the University had sufficient outcomes to be assessed (8 of 20; 25 in all) and 44% (27 of 62, 131 in all) in the more specific fields. Importantly, Deakin was assessed primarily in the areas where we have had strategic research focus in the past 4-8 years, notably in research directly aligned with our Institutes and Strategic Research Centres—our identified research strengths.

“This is an excellent result for Deakin, particularly given that ERA is a retrospective process, with ERA 2010 evaluating our performance from 2003 to 2008,” Professor Astheimer said.

“We can only expect that performance to improve in ERA 2012.”

Since the last census date in March 2009, Deakin University has appointed over 200 Research-only staff and a large number of excellent researchers into Teaching/Research positions.

“Again, I congratulate those of our researchers who did do well in ERA and encourage them and all their research colleagues at Deakin to keep working towards excellence, something that will inevitably improve our performance in ERA and any other legitimate measurement of research activity as well as making very important contributions to their discipline fields as well as to the economic, environmental, social and cultural fabric of the nation.”

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