Everyone's a winner

04 September 2012

Associate Professor Tim Crowe on a new excuse for hot chocolate.

A new study, published in the high profile journal Hypertension, has given a tantalising hint into how cocoa may protect against cognitive decline, writes Deakin University's Associate Professor Tim Crowe.

As we age, the body does not perform as well as it did in our youth. Declining brain function, which is termed cognitive impairment, is probably the most concerning health problem facing an ageing population. Having regular ‘senior moments’ of forgetfulness is the first stage of mild cognitive impairment which if it progresses, can lead to dementia.

A person with mild cognitive impairment might have difficulty following a conversation, have regular occasions of not being able to recall the names of new acquaintances or might frequently lose things such as their car keys. Any therapy that was effective in treating mild cognitive impairment would be prized as it would help cut the risk of developing more serious conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Everyone's a winner with hot chocolate Everyone's a winner with hot chocolate, says Dr Tim Crowe.

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