Gambling habit hard to kick

19 March 2012

Parents have a right to be worried as footy season approaches, says Professor Linda Hancock.

The AFL promotes footy as a family sport. But as we approach the 2012 season, many parents are hoping there will be new restrictions on the "in your face" promotion of sports betting on scoreboards, TV, advertising and by sports commentators, Deakin University's Professor Linda Hancock has written in the Melbourne newspaper, the Herald Sun.

Parents are rightly worried that lack of regulation exposes children to the normalisation of gambling.

Research associates problem gambling among youth with exposure to gambling, normalisation and accessibility. It would appear that our youth needs protection from potential harm associated with sports betting.

Laws clearly limit gambling to persons 18 and over, and government ministers have agreed minors should not be exposed to gambling areas in pubs and clubs. So why should TV coverage and sports betting advertising be so different on the issue?

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Professor Linda Hancock Professor Linda Hancock

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