Good old milk as a cure for cancer

01 December 2009

Scientists from India and Australia targeting lactoferrin

Scientists from India and Australia are zeroing in on good old milk for the treatment of cancer and parasitic diseases.

As part of a collaborative effort between the Department of Parasitology at Planet Green India (PGI) and Deakin University experts are studying the effect of lactoferrin, a natural protein in milk, on cancer causing cells and resistant infections. In the tests, the lactoferrin will be delivered to target cells using nanotechnology.

Deakin University’s Professor Jagat Kanwar recently visited India where he spoke to the local media about his research.

“In Australia, we have conducted some work on lactoferrin derived from cow’s milk, and the results are encouraging,” he said.

“We want to replicate the same at PGI, and want to see if results are positive here as well.”

“As buffalo milk is consumed more in India, we will take lactoferrin from buffalo milk here. If found effective, this protein has a great potential as an anti-cancer molecule.”

Professor Jagat Kanwar Professor Jagat Kanwar

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