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27 March 2013

Dr Minoo Naebe's research honoured by Defence Materials Technology Centre.

A research collaboration featuring Deakin University’s Dr Minoo Naebe has been honoured by the Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC).

Dr Naebe and her colleagues were presented with the Capability Improvement Award at the DMTC annual conference this month for the project High Curvature Armour Systems.

This is a collaboration between Deakin, the Victorian Centre for Advance Materials Manufacturing (VCAMM), ADA (Australian Defence Apparel) and DSTO (Defence Science and Technology Organisation).

The focus of this project is on “the development of a suite of next generation manufacturing, materials and process technologies to deliver improved personnel armour to the contemporary Australian combatant”.

“This is a great honour for both me and my colleagues,” Dr Naebe said.

“It shows how Deakin University can work together with other organisations on research projects that have really tangible benefits, producing materials that help makes the lives of soldiers safer.”

Dr Naebe’s collaborative research that has helped produce lighter, higher performance battle helmets was a feature of Deakin’s display at the recent Avalon International Airshow, attracting interest from both local and international defence organisations. The project was also showcased on ABC TV's 7:30 Report.

The research project uses polymer ceramic composite materials, an area in which Deakin is a recognised world leader.

For the first time, internally reinforced aggregate polymer ceramic composites were evaluated against fragment simulating projectiles (FSPs) of various calibres to investigate their ballistic impact response.

Dr Naebe found that the polymer ceramic composite materials showed improved ballistic performance.

As well as the new battle helmets, lightweight but stronger body armour is only being developed.

Deakin’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Lee Astheimer, congratulated Dr Naebe on her award.

“Congratulations are again in order for Minoo,” Professor Astheimer said.

“This is not the first time her research has been honoured.

“I also congratulate her colleagues from VCAMM, ADA,DMTC and DSTO.

“Deakin takes pride in being able to work in partnership with a wide range of organisations.”

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