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10 November 2013

Professor Maria Forsyth wins Corrosion Medal.

Deakin University’s Professor Maria Forsyth has won one of Australia’s most prestigious research prizes, the Australian Corrosion Association’s Corrosion Medal.

The Corrosion Medal is bestowed for outstanding scientific or technological work in the field of corrosion in Australasia.  

Meritorious contributions in Australasia to the mitigation of corrosion shall also be a basis for the award.

The medal is decided by the members of the ACA’s Council and awarded at most once per year. 

“I offer Maria our congratulations on behalf of Deakin University,” said Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Lee Astheimer.

“Since joining us from Monash, Maria has had a number of outstanding achievements to her name, including becoming an Australian Laureate Fellow.

“We are very proud of her work and the work of the team.”

Corrosion research at Deakin University targets desalination and water infrastructure, oil and gas refining and production, defence and aerospace, mining and power industries.

The Deakin Corrosion Research Centre (DCRC) is a centre for research in corrosion engineering and surface sciences.

It was established in 2010 as the Deakin Corrosion Group and is dedicated to taking a flexible approach towards research and development in a wide range of areas, including infrastructure durability, materials and alloy development, corrosion monitoring and prevention, biocorrosion, and coatings and inhibitors for surfaces and interfaces.

Led by Professor Forsyth and Associate Professor Mike Yongjun Tan, the Centre is distinct in developing comprehensive expertise in corrosion science and is driven by both fundamental research and the needs of industry and end-users.

The Centre draws together researchers from a range of disciplines including chemists, physicists, engineers and microbiologists.

The Centre comprises researchers from both the School of Engineering and the Institute for Frontier Materials, spanning across two campuses in Waurn Ponds, Geelong and Burwood, Melbourne.

Professor Maria Forsyth Professor Maria Forsyth after receiving her medal last night.

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