Polymer heavyweights to hit Geelong

03 June 2014

Deakin is set to host the 14th International Symposium on Polymer Electrolytes in Geelong.

Scientists, engineers and polymer experts from around the world will gather in Geelong in August for the 14th International Symposium on Polymer Electrolytes (ISPE-14).

To be held at The Pier in Geelong, the bi-annual symposium will take place on Australian shores for the second time since it was established in 1987, with the first Australian event being held in Queensland in 2000. It will provide a multidisciplinary forum focusing on novel electrolyte materials, including polymer and ionic liquids.

The Australian Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES) is hosting ISPE-14 at Deakin, which is one of the key participants in ACES, along with the University of Wollongong, Monash University, St. Vincent's and the University of Tasmania.

ISPE-14 will be held from 24-29 August and will feature a number of prominent international speakers and guests from diverse backgrounds, including research, academia, industry and government organisations. 

Participants will review the most recent advances in novel electrolyte materials, as well as exploring new electrochemical applications and fundamental understandings within the field of electromaterials.  

Australian Laureate Fellow, the IFM’s Professor Maria Forsyth, is Co-Chairing ISPE-14 and is excited about the opportunities the symposium will provide leading international scientists and engineers to share their work, with each other, and the next generation of researchers and industry.

“New electrolytes are playing a very important role in our transition towards a clean energy society,” said Professor Forsyth.

“Polymer electrolytes are also particularly beneficial in high temperature environments, such as in the automotive, shipping, naval and aerospace industries, where high temperatures have a deleterious effect on conventional liquid electrolytes.

“Also, the structurally robust and inert nature of polymer electrolytes is particularly useful in the defence sector, where safety is a major concern.”

The symposium will cover both conventional and innovative systems, from experimental and theoretical perspectives, and explore the applications of these materials in batteries, fuel cells, super-capacitors, sensors, actuators, photo-electrochemical devices, microelectronics and biotechnology. 

Professor Maria Forsyth, Co-Chair of ISPE-14. Professor Maria Forsyth, Co-Chair of ISPE-14.

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