The Rolls Royce of boardshorts!

06 February 2012

Deakin researchers revolutionising the way we surf.

They've been described as the Rolls Royce of boardshorts.

On the outside, they might look the same - baggy, even a bit daggy.

But inside, there's a revolution going on - a hi-tech compression garment improving the ability of the surfer to deal with the conditions.

And that's where Deakin comes in; via a unique partnership with Quiksilver, the Torquay-based surfing outfit.

The Age newspaper is reporting that the University and Quiksilver, whose Geelong and Torquay headquarters are just 15 minutes apart, have entered into a five-year, $350,000 research and development partnership to create the next generation of surf gear.

Deakin's Dr Paul Collins say he and his colleagues will offer their expertise in textile technology, human movement and manufacturing to hopefully revolutionise, firstly, the humble set of boardshorts.

Then they're setting their sights on rash vests and wetsuits, and just about any other form of surfing gear the technology can apply to in a bid to help shape surfing's future.

"As far as a university and a surf company working together, it's quite a unique proposition," said Haydn Davis, Quiksilver's head of design.

"Every surf company has got their performance claims but I don't think too many have got genuine claims in terms of new ideas that are going to change the game. We're really trying to, I guess, shift the perception of the surf industry as a sort of backyard affair into something quite more substantial."

Read the full story on The Age website.

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Quiksilver boardshorts - there's a revolution going on inside. Quiksilver boardshorts - there's a revolution going on inside.

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