Why Dance?

11 March 2013

Thinker in Residence Garry Stewart helps out with the answer.

Garry Stewart, Artistic Director with Australian Dance Theatre and Thinker in Residence at Deakin University, recently took part in an enlightening discussion on Radio National titled Why Dance?

Garry's appearance on RN was part of the build-up to this year's National Dance Forum will is also asking the same question.

The forum coincides with a program of new Australian dance works titled Dance Massive.

"Why Dance? was a great question because it goes to the heart of why, as human beings, we like to move our bodies, the ritual and the communal aspects of it," said Radio National's Michael Cathcart.

"But what ideas does that question raise for professional dancers and for the people that program their work?

"And where are the wants and needs of the audience in that question?"

With fellow panellist Elizabeth Walsh, the Chair of the Australia Council Dance Board, Garry was able to answer those questions and more.

The Deakin University Thinkers in Residence program is an initiative aimed at stimulating innovative research, establishing global networks, creating a vibrant research culture and ensuring that Deakin keeps pace with exciting research developments and knowledge creation.

The scheme provides the opportunity for highly-ranked researchers from all over the world and from a wide range of fields to visit and work at Deakin University in order to engage, develop and invigorate our research community.

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