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02 November 2011

New partnership between Deakin and Geelong manufacturers.

Victoria’s Minister for Manufacturing, Exports and Trade, the Honourable Richard Dalla-Riva, has officially launched a new partnership between Deakin University and the Geelong Manufacturing Council (GMC).

GMC and Deakin University already have a long history of collaboration and cooperation however, along with the Victorian Government, the two organisations identified a need for targeted facilitation to connect local manufacturing businesses with the research facilities available at the Geelong Technology Precinct (GTP) on the Waurn Ponds campus.

“The Victorian Government is proud to be investing $800,000 to support the new GMC/Deakin University Industry Innovation Program,” Mr Dalla-Riva said.

“It is a key election commitment made by the Government that is now in place to benefit Geelong manufacturers.

“The program will link manufacturers to leading researchers from institutions such as the Institute for Technology Research and Innovation (ITRI), the School of Engineering, and the Australian Future Fibres Research and Innovation Centre (AFFRIC).

“As a result, manufacturing companies with limited R&D scope will have access to these established researchers who are global leaders in their field.

“By working together, GMC and Deakin will be better able to support local firms to innovate, and promote careers and skills development.”

Deakin University is recognised as a leader in successful world-class collaborative and contract research. 

The GTP provides facilities for research aimed at industry co-operation and is home to approximately 230 researchers and 150 higher degree research students. 

The GTP is home to ITRI and a number of commercial facilities which assist local businesses to identify, test, develop and implement new technologies to boost business outcomes.

It is devoted to research in advanced materials (including carbon fibre and other fibrous materials), composites, biomaterials, nanomaterials and intelligent systems. 

The site’s 3,200 square metre proof of concept facility, launched in 2010, is used for industrial prototyping and provides tenancy for technology-oriented businesses.

Current industry partners co-located within the proof of concept facility include international leaders in materials, metals, carbon fibre, composites, logistics, biotechnology, IT and design. 

Deakin is drawing significant support and attention from the international research community thanks to its expanding carbon fibre capacity and recent launch of the new carbon fibre hub (AFFRIC).

The University will soon be home to the Australian Carbon Fibre Research Facility, the only one of its type in Australia.

Mr Jackson Docherty, who has had extensive experience in innovation management, will be in charge of the project linking the University and the GMC.

His appointment will lead to the further development of the Geelong Manufacturing Council/Deakin University Industry Program and to facilitate the Geelong Industry Innovation Project (GIIP), by identifying and pursuing opportunities to create and manage partnerships with industry and Deakin University.

The core objective of this program is to bring benefit to the GMC member-base by strengthening the relationship between Deakin University and manufacturing businesses in the Geelong region to build and develop R&D activity in the sector and raise awareness and utilisation of innovation and its practical application to the manufacturing industry.

Take a guided tour of the GTP:

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Victoria's Minister for Manufacturing, Exports and Trade, the Honourable Richard Dalla-Riva. Victoria's Minister for Manufacturing, Exports and Trade, the Honourable Richard Dalla-Riva.

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