You are what you eat

22 July 2014

Deakin expert sets her sights on the food industry in 'The Conversation.'

"Common non-infectious illnesses, many driven by poor diets, are now the leading cause of death worldwide."

In an article recently published in "The Conversation" about the connection between poor diet, mental health and well-being, Deakin’s Associate Professor Felice Jacka, argues that it is time for governments and policy makers to address the "obesogenic" food environment by tackling bad diet, sedentary lifestyles and the food industry.

Big business has created food products that appeal to our evolutionary preferences and have addictive properties, resulting in a staggering increase in the proportion of overweight and obese people, argues Associate Professor Jacka.

She also discusses new research that is discovering connections between diet and mental health, particularly illnesses such as depression and dementia.

Working within Deakin’s School of Medicine, Associate Professor Jacka is currently conducting a "world first" randomised controlled study - funded by the NHMRC - that is examining how people with depression respond to improved diets. Volunteers are currently being sought for this project.

Associate Professor Felice Jacka. Associate Professor Felice Jacka.

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