Strategic Research Centres 2013 - 2015

Funding body:

Deakin University


Strategic Research Centres 2013 - 2015


The purpose of the SRCs is to facilitate research concentration and growth in Deakin's areas of research strength by bringing together groups of researchers around a common research agenda. They are further intended to assist in attracting and retaining high performing researchers and research teams in areas of strategic importance. The SRCs are expected to establish and maintain a strong group of researchers who will develop a distinctive portfolio of high quality research.  The research environment created by these groupings will stimulate research and research training, make more efficient use of and increase infrastructure, and assist Deakin to build a stronger research profile in the short to mid-term.

Funding amounts:

SRC support will include 3 years of base line funding supplemented by performance based funding.

Internal deadlines:

24 Jun 2012 SRC round opens

24 Jul 2012 Submit Expression of Interest (DOCX, 111.7 KB) (EOI) in pdf format to Deakin Research Mandatory Via email to
6 Aug 2012 Invitation to submit full application (Invited applicants only)
7 Sept 2012 Submit Full Application in pdf format to Deakin Research Mandatory(Invited applicants only) Via email to
Oct 2012 Outcomes announced

How to apply:

  1. Read the SRC 2013 - 2015 Guidelines & Conditions (PDF, 97.8 KB)  and the SRC 2013 - 2015 Instructions to Applicants (PDF, 46.5 KB)
  2. Submit an Expression Of Interest (DOCX, 111.7 KB)
  3. Submit Full Application if invited to do so (The full application form will be sent to successful applicants)


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