Grants FAQs

Below is a list of questions that are frequently submitted to the Deakin Research - Grants team:

When does the Grants Office need my application?

Deakin Research - Grants require time to check and vet your application against any funding rules and to arrange relevant signatures.  If funding bodies require senior executive signatures, this can take some time.

  • For funding bodies other than the ARC / NHMRC, the Grants Office requires your corrected and final application at least 10 working days prior to any external submission date.

Deakin Research - Grants advertises and manages all ARC / NHMRC major funding rounds.  Deadlines for open rounds are listed under the relevant scheme on our current funding opportunities page.

Who can help me with the budget for my application?

Some faculties and institutes have research administration staff who can help formulate and draft research budgets - contact your Faculty/Institute Research Manager to find out if this is available.

If you have lodged a Notice of Intention to Submit (NOIS) you will have been assigned a Deakin Research - Grants Case Manager who can provide advice on the budget in relation to the funding rules.

Why do I have to lodge research grant applications via Deakin Research - Grants?

Research Grant applications should be submitted by the University, not by individuals. If applications are not lodged with Deakin Research they cannot be counted as research income. Deakin Research - Grants handles applications from academic staff and HDR students. Applications from honours students should be handled within the relevant school or area as these applications cannot be counted for research income purposes.

Applications must be authorised by your Head of School and endorsed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) or nominee.

Deakin Research - Grants provides Faculties, Institutes and Strategic Research Centres with monthly reports on research activity within each school.

How do I lodge a research grant application? (Not ARC or NHMRC)

When contemplating whether to apply for funding, please advise Deakin Research - Grants of your intention to apply as soon as possible with a Notice of Intention to Submit (NOIS).

How do I lodge an ARC or NHMRC research grant application?

Deakin Research - Grants calls for Notices of Intention to Submit (NOIS) via the Faculties, Institutes and Strategic Research Centres (SRCs).

NOIS are requested 15 weeks prior to the external submission date to allow time for:

  • Faculties, Institutes and SRC's to plan and provide internal review mechanisms for applications.
  • Deakin Research - Grants to plan and manage workload and support Faculties, Institutes and SRCs.

NOIS lodged after the internal deadline require the authorisation of the relevant Associate Dean (Research) or Institute/SRC Director.

How do I or Partner Investigators access the ARC's online system RMS?

If you have NEVER used any of the ARC's online systems previously (GAMS or RMS):

  • Visit the ARC - Research Management System site and read the information
  • Visit the ARC - Research Management System and click on "Request New Account"
  • If you are a Deakin University staff member select "Deakin University" as the Organisation that will administer the account
  • If you are a Partner Investigator, select "Australian Research Council" as the Organisation that will administer the account

If you have previously used either GAMS or RMS:

  • Visit the ARC - RMS login
  • If you have forgotten your password, click on "Reset Password"

How do I transfer my ARC RMS profile to Deakin University?

Please email to advise them that you are commencing work with Deakin University and that you will be transferring your ARC RMS account

  • Visit the ARC - Research Management System login
  • Go to the "My Details" section
  • Select "Personal Details"
  • Click on "Organisation Details" tab
  • Click on "Request Transfer"
  • Select Deakin University from the drop down menu
  • Click on "Request Transfer"
  • The ARC will email Deakin to seek approval to transfer the records - if we are unaware of your impending transfer we will have to verify your details which can slow the process considerably. If we cannot verify your details we will reject the application.

How do I add Organisations to an ARC application?

Please note, unless Deakin University is added as the Administering Organisation, staff of Deakin Research - Grants cannot see the application.

To add Deakin University, open the application and go to the "Draft Proposal Summary" page. Scroll down to the section titled "Organisation Participants".

Click on " Add Organisation Participant" and select "Administering Organisation" from the drop down menu. Click on "Set Organisation" then select " Deakin University" from the drop down menu and click on the "Select Organisation" button. Deakin University should now appear in your application.

To add other organisation participants repeat the steps above. Be careful that you select the correct organisation type for the organisation you are adding. Refer to the relevant "Instructions to Applicants" before choosing the organisation type.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you choose the wrong organisation type your application will be ineligible and the ARC will reject it.

How do I add Organisations to the budget table for an ARC application?

All Organisations should be added to the budget table in RMS before filling out the budget.

You cannot add organisations to the budget table unless they are listed on the "Draft Proposal Summary" screen in the section titled "Organisation Participants". Refer to the previous FAQ.

Once all organisations are showing on the "Draft Proposal Summary" screen do the following:

  • Open the section called "Project Cost". Click on "Set Other Organisation Contributors". Select each organisation by clicking on the checkbox associated with each organisation. Finally click on "Set Contributors".

The organisation should now appear in the budget table.

How do I access the NHMRC's online system RGMS?

To obtain an RGMS username or to commence an application:

Does the Grants Office provide me with and id number for my NHMRC application?

Deakin no longer provides NHMRC numbers for applications.

The RGMS will assign an application number once you create an application.

How do I get an account code for my successful project?

Deakin Research - Grants will issue an account code once a contract has been executed.

Why do I have to notify Deakin Research - Grants of a successful research project?

The University records and reports all research income as part of the Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) every year.

If you wish to have your research income for successful projects recorded and counted, the grant must be managed by Deakin Research - Grants.

My application was successful - can I sign the contract?

No, only certain individuals are authorised to sign contracts on behalf of Deakin University

You will need to:

My project will be led and administered by another organisation, what do I need to do?

Complete and email a "Notice of Award" to

  • If you have already completed a "Grant Application Coversheet" for the project, you will only have to complete a few sections of the "Notice of Award".

A Deakin Research - Grants team member will create a database entry and will liaise with you to obtain copies of other documents and seek your "Request for Legal Advice Form".

Deakin Research - Grants will work with the lead institution to establish a contract / agreement based on your instructions.

Why do I need to complete the Request for Legal Advice Form ?

Why does it take so long to establish a research contract?

It takes time to properly check and vet contracts and associated instructions. 

All contracts take time to negotiate but those requiring multi-party agreement regularly experience significant delay due to the number of parties and the need for each of those parties to seek legal advice. The speed with which a contract can be executed is dependent on a number of factors including the responsiveness of the parties involved.

The role of Deakin Research - Grants is complex.

 Deakin Research - Grants will:

  • review the contract against your instructions
  • refer the contract and your instructions to the University Solicitor for advice
  • provide feedback on the contract and highlight possible issues or contentious clauses for your consideration and comment
  • seek further advice on accepting contracts deemed "contentious"
  • liaise with the funding body
  • liaise with the research offices of any participating institutions
  • liaise with any collaborating industry partners
  • organise signatures and execution of contracts
  • record any milestones and deliverables to assist in managing the project
  • distribute and electronically store contract documents
  • request account codes once contracts are signed

How do I find out how much money I have in my project account?

The School Executive Officers are responsible for managing the accounts for research projects.  Contact your SEO for any initial query.

  • SEOs should liaise with Deakin Research - Grants if they have queries in relation to accounts

Why do I need to give Deakin Research - Grants a copy of the progress/final report I have submitted?

Deakin Research - Grants is responsible for managing and monitoring the progress of all successful research projects.

Often progress and final reports require the endorsement of Deakin Research - Grants and must be submitted by Deakin Research - Grants.

Deakin Research - Grants maintains a complete set of records of your project to comply with the Public Records Act.

I have an Organisational/Strategic Statement in my ARC application. How do I prepare this?

  1. Write with peer/Mentor/School/Faculty/SRC advice.
  2. When application complete on RMS, upload pdf copy into RMS, then press "Submit to Research Office" by internal deadline.
  3. Send word copy to
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