Human Ethics Advisors and Administrators

Human Research Ethics Advisors

Available assistance includes:

  • answers to queries by telephone or email
  • one-on-one meetings for assistance
  • pre-review upon request for applications submitted to DUHREC (deadlines apply) and HEAG
  • seminars and workshops held regularly on all Campuses
  • tailored face-to-face seminars for research groups on request
  • online training available anytime
NameContact NumberCampus
Sally Fornaro
+61 3 924 46090B
Carly Harrison (Mon, Tue & Fri)
+61 3 522 72975G

Human Research Ethics Administrators

For general inquiries regarding the progress of your application please contact the human research ethics office. Please note: while ethics administrators are responsible for communicating the decisions made by the ethics committee, they are not responsible for making those decisions. Determining whether a research proposal is ethically acceptable is the responsibility of the ethics committee members.



Postal Address

Human Research Ethics Office
Deakin Research Integrity
Deakin University
221 Burwood Hwy
Burwood VIC 3125

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