Human Ethics Advisory Groups

"Low risk research" is one of the categories of research identified in the National Statement, and is defined as "research in which the only foreseeable risk is one of discomfort."1

At Deakin, Human Ethics Advisory Groups (HEAG) are responsible for the review of all low risk research in accordance with the National Statement. Each of the Faculties has its own HEAG which is comprised of academic staff members.

Human Ethics Advisory Group Contacts

Please contact your Faculty HEAG for Faculty-specific information.

HEAG Contact Person Telephone Campus

 Arts and Education

Ms Kylie Koulkoudinas
+61 3 522 72368G
Business and Law

Ms Katrina Fleming

+61 3 522 73362G

Ms Jane Moschetti (Tues and Thu)

Ms Penny Andrews (Mon and Wed)

+61 3 925 17174B
Science, Engineering and
Built Environment

Ms Sandra Dunoon

Ms Teresa Treffry

+61 3 522 72270

+61 3 556 33535



2015 Human Ethics Advisory Group Membership

Each of the four Faculties at Deakin has a Human Ethics Advisory Group (HEAG) which is responsible for the review of low risk research as per the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research, NHMRC, 2007.

HEAG Membership

Arts and Education

    Business and Law   


Science, Engineering and Built Environment

A/Prof Kristin Demetrious*

Dr Achinto Roy*

Prof Trish Dunning*

A/Prof Mark Luther*

Dr Andrea Gallant#

Dr John Molineux

Dr Daniel Belavy

Prof John Donald

Prof Andrea Nolan

Dr Pandora Kay

Dr Stuart Smith

Prof Bill Buttemer

Dr Anthony Ware

Dr Arifur Khan

Dr Alison Booth

Dr Simon James

Prof Liz Eckermann

Dr Claudio Bozzi

Dr Clare Hume

Prof David Jones

A/Prof Bernadette Walker-Gibbs


Ms Joan Ostaszkiewicz

A/Prof Pubudu Pathirana

Dr Athena Vongalis-Macrow


Dr Peter Kremer

Dr Chunlu Liu

Dr Bonnie Hoi Yin Yim


Dr Jane McGuines

Dr Igor Martek

Dr Dianne Toe

Dr Paul Lewandowski

Dr Kelly Miller

Dr Fengqi Qian

Ms Sharyn Milnes

Dr Longxiang Gao

Dr Gaye Williams

Dr John Rolley

A/Prof Arun Patil

Dr Janet Moles

A/Prof David Austin

Dr Linda Hobbs

A/Prof Peter Miller


Dr Jodie Kline


Prof Bob Cummins


Dr Karen Lane


Dr Mark Rogers


Dr Ken Boutin


A/Prof Keith McVilly


Dr Kirsten Hutchison


Dr Sara Cicerale


Ms Shelley Hannigan


Dr Christian Hyde


Dr Andrea Gallant


Dr Emily Kothe


Dr Linda Young


Dr Jaclyn Broadbent


Dr Louise Paatsch


Dr Helen Rawson


Dr Lynne Star


Dr Bernice Redley


Dr Max Kelly


A/Prof Diane Phillips


Dr Mick Leahy


Dr Linda Wilson


Dr Nina Weerakkody


Dr Erin Wilson


Dr Richard Evans


Ms Claudia Strugnell


Dr Sharyn McDonald


Dr Genevieve Pepin


Dr Steven Cooke


Dr Trina Hinkle


Dr Tanya King


Ms Sonia Brockington


Dr Toija Cinque


Dr Melinda Craike


Dr Trace Ollis


Dr Cadeyrn Gaskin


Dr Wendy Kortman


Dr Matthew Lewis


Mr Andrew Skourdoumbis


Dr Sharon Casey


Mr Brian Doig


Dr Nicki Dowling


Mr John Hodgens


Dr Gennady Bakesheev


Mrs Jacqui Peters


Dr Rhonda Brown


Dr Claire Spicer


Dr Jade Sheen


Prof Brenda Cherednichenko


Dr Anthony Barnett


Prof Linda Hancock


Dr Maryann Street


Dr Joanne O'Mara


Ms Danielle Newon


Dr Lou Preston


Ms Anna Flego


Dr Ly Tran


Dr Hayley McKenzie


Dr Wanty Widjaja


Dr Penny Love

Mrs Catherine Smith


Ms Kelli Nicola-Richmond


Mrs Kate Harvie


Ms Sharlene Nipperess


A/Prof Martin Hirst


Miss Danielle Hitch


Dr Bart Ziino



Dr Margie Serrato



Dr Nicole Asquith



Dr Cai Wilkinson



Dr Danielle Chubb



Dr Rebecca Fanany



Dr Yamini Narayanan



Ms Kate Neely



Dr Jessica Walton



Dr Naarah Sawers



Dr Santosh Jatrana



Mr Adrian Bruch

A/Prof Yin Paradies

Dr Peta White

*HEAG Chair

**Acting HEAG Chair

1National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research, 2007, p.16, NHMRC.

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