Human Research Ethics Committee

Human Research Ethics Committees are responsible for ensuring that all human research complies with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (the National Statement) and is ethically acceptable.

The Deakin University Human Research Ethics Committee (DUHREC)

DUHREC is comprised of two panels, one based at Geelong and the other based at Melbourne. The composition of each panel complies with the requirements of the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research, NHMRC, 2007

Geelong Panel 2016

Chair Dr Mary Lou Chatterton
Deputy Chair Dr Lisa Hanna
Biostatistician Dr Liliana Orellana
Lawyer Ms Wendy Gibbons
Layman Mr Bernard Nicholls
Layman Mr Daniel Clair
Laywoman Ms Judith Vardy
Laywoman Mrs Susanna Keith
Pastoral Carer Rev Dr Tim Smith
Researcher A/Prof Kristin Demetrious
Researcher A/Prof Mark Luther
ResearcherDr Phillip Swain
Researcher  Prof Gerard Gill
Researcher Prof Trisha Dunning
ResearcherProf Brian Martin
ResearcherProf Caryl Nowson

Melbourne Panel 2016

Chair Dr Mary Lou Chatterton
Deputy ChairDr Lisa Hanna
BiostatisticianDr Mohammadreza Mohebbi
LawyerMr Paul Natoli
LawyerMs Arwen Johns
LaymanDr Tony Dawson
LaywomanDr Pam Montgomery
LaywomanDr Jenny Wajsenberg
Pastoral CarerRev Chris Appleby 
Professional CarerDr Jack Crozier
Professional CarerDr Louis Cukierman
ResearcherA/Prof Mark Stokes
ResearcherA/Prof Peter Enticott
ResearcherDr Achinto Roy
ResearcherDr Andrea Vocino
ResearcherDr Glenn Auld
ResearcherProf Susan Balandin
ResearcherProf Brian Martin
ResearcherDr Claudia Strugnell

Human Ethics Advisory Groups (HEAGs)

The National Statement recognises that research may carry different levels of risk and defines 'low risk research' as 'research in which the only foreseeable risk is one of discomfort'.

At Deakin University, low risk research is reviewed by HEAGs which are comprised of specially trained academic staff members from within each the four Faculties (Arts & Education; Business and Law; Health; and Science, Engineering and Built Environment).

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