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Andy McLellan at the Australasian Economic Theory Workshop 2015

Watch Professor McLellan's workshop on the 'Samuelson's Correspondence Principle Reassessed'.

Utku Unver at the Australasian Economic Theory Workshop 2015

Watch Professor Unver's workshop on 'Lung Exchange'.

GFC has brought academics to the policy table, US expert

Prof Chris Waller, a Senior Vice-President with the St Louis Federal Reserve, has shared his insights with Deakin.

To co-author or not?

Leading US labour economist Prof Daniel Hamermesh shares his insights on academic co-authorship.


Current PhD candidates

Name Research Topic Supervisor
Samuel Adamassu Economic Impacts of Preferential Trade Agreements on Sub Saharan Africa: A CGE Approach Cong Pham
Zohid Jon Askarov Formulation, evaluation and monitoring of development projects by international agencies Chris Doucouliagos
Zhansulu Baikenova Analysis of effect of Child Labor on Labor Market: Case of Kazakhstan Nejat Anbarci
Aydogan Ulker
Wang-Sheng Lee
Deepa Bannigidadmath Three Essays on Disasters and Financial Markets Paresh Narayan
Susan Sharma
Kannan Thuraisamy
Huson Ali Ahmed
Claudio Calero Forecasting Regional Skills Shortages in the Australian Tourism Industry Prasad Bhattacharya
Chris Doucouliagos
Omar Bashar
Neluka Devpura Three essays on the Sri Lankan Stock Market Paresh Narayan
Susan Sharma
Kannan Thuraisamy
Michael D'Rosario Telecommunications and Economic Growth Paresh Narayan
Rashad Hasanov Common factors behind financial crises and constructing Early Warning Systems Prasad Bhattacharya
Chris Doucouliagos
Debdulal Mallick
Sarah Hilborn The Impact on the Cartel Price Path and Sustainability of Collusion under a Leniency Program with Endogenous Detection Luca Colombo
Nejat Anbarci
Ching-Jen Sun
Vanessa Hogarth-Scott Invisible Disability and Workforce Participation: destinations, theories end explanations Margaret McKenzie
Elizabeth Manning
Pablo Jimenez Fighting poverty optimality in the long run Mehmet Ulubasoglu
Prasad Bhattacharya
Luca Colombo
Xueli Tang
Siroos Khademalomoom Intra-Day Volatility and the day-of-the-week effect on the foreign exchange market Paresh Narayan
Joakim Westerlund
Susan Sharma
Mohammad Shihab Khan The Electoral Behavior in the Parliamentary Elections of Bangladesh under Non-Partisan Caretaker Governments: A Test of Rewar-Punishment Model Chris Doucouliagos
Samarth Vaidya
Hao Jia
Dinh Hoang Bach Phan Three Essays on Oil Prices and Sectoral Returns Paresh Narayan
Susan Sharma
Huson Ali Ahmed
Matthew Larkin Three Essays on the Housing Market in Australia Prasad Bhattacharya
Omar Bashar
Prasanga Siripala Cognitive Models and its effects on Economic Growth and Democracy Debdulal Mallick
Xueli Tang
Samarth Vaidya
Lan Anh Tong A multi-dimensional insight into Vietnam's international trade Cong Pham
Mehmet Ulubasoglu

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27th February 2015