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Exploring 3D printing pozibilities

Successful crowd funding for project to explore 3D printing in primary schools.

HuNI pot of cultural data launched

A new platform will provide a hive of activity for humanities and creative arts researchers.

Deakin salutes research luminaries

Six researchers have received Deakin's highest honour - Alfred Deakin Professorships.

Unexpected angles from UK thinkers

Two UK visiting professors bring new perspectives to the Centre for Memory, Imagination and Invention.

Regions of Care:
Relationality and Global Regionalism

Building on Deakin University's regional remit, and a range of projects currently centred on the Warrnambool and Geelong campuses, this project brings together cultural geographers, ecologists, community-based artists, rural development specialists, cultural heritage experts and digital technology designers and researchers to build a model of regionality with global applications. The concept of global regions will contribute to the global justice discourse, which currently lacks a mechanism for regionalising its sustainability vision.

Sub-projects within Regions of Care

Pivot City

Deakin University and the Geelong regional communities are embarked on a new partnership. Transformations are occurring in the identities, purposes and resourcing of both the university and the city. Together these offer exciting opportunities to build an innovative knowledge economy characterized by a far better integration of research priorities and region-building innovation. The object is to value add the resources of both to produce a model of human and environmental sustainability with global implications for the planning, design and management of change.

To manage these transformations - to facilitate community engagement and to identify new knowledge opportunities - the resources of Geelong need to be thoroughly understood. Pivot City is an interactive website that progressively captures, analyses and presents a comprehensive overview of Geelong's cultural and environmental history, social and physical geography, and present and proposed social, economic and cultural development. Its philosophy is place-based, relating information to location, and creative, using social media applications to build interactivity and 'continuous production' into the resource.

Social contacts/contracts

The project is an investigation of how community, region and place may be differently constituted in an era of networked connections. Its objective is to intervene and become instrumental in understanding the social implications and value of the rollout of the National Broadband Network. Within that objective, the project will be advanced towards comprehending how region is refracted, reflected and expressed through media and social media and thereby contribute to the region of care project and its development of a new kind of regionalism.

Deakin University acknowledges the traditional land owners of present campus sites.

27th February 2015