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Lower prices gets more fruit and veg in the shopping basket

Researchers from C-PAN have highlighted the importance of lower prices as a mechanism to promote the purchase and consumption of fruit and vegetables.

How can policy support the provision of healthy food in communities?

Watch a seminar hosted by C-PAN, together with the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute and the Obesity Policy Coalition featuring Dr Corinna Hawkes.

Investigating the link between Diet and cognition

Watch Dr Catherine Milte's short video featured in the Medibank Community Fund's 'year in review' on her investigation of the link between diet and cognition.

Our Team

Our team is led by Alfred Deakin Professor David Crawford (Director) and Alfred Deakin Professor Jo Salmon (Deputy Director).

Members of our team are world renowned experts in their fields including Alfred Deakin Professor David Crawford (obesity prevention), Alfred Deakin Professor Jo Salmon (children's physical activity and sedentary behaviours), Associate Professor Anna Timperio (physical activity and the environment), Alfred Deakin Professor Kylie Ball (obesity prevention in disadvantaged communities, food environments and health), Professor Robin Daly (nutrition and exercise in chronic disease prevention, exercise and ageing, Vitamin D), Professor Caryl Nowson (nutrition and ageing, salt and hypertension, Vitamin D), Professor Ester Cerin (physical activity and the environment), Professor Tony Worsley (consumer food behaviours), Associate Professor Sarah McNaughton (dietary patterns), Associate Professor Karen Campbell (early childhood nutrition), and Dr Kylie Hesketh (early childhood physical activity).

Alfred Deakin Professor David Crawford
Head of School
Prof Jo-Ann Salmon
Alfred Deakin Professor
Prof Kylie Ball
Alfred Deakin Professor
Prof Ester Cerin
Professor of Physical Activity and Health
Prof Robin Daly
Chair in Exercise and Ageing
Prof Mark Lawrence
Prof Caryl Nowson
Chair in Nutrition and Ageing
Prof Aaron Russell
Associate Head of School (Research)
Prof Rodney Snow
Deputy Head of School
Prof Tony Worsley
Chair in Behavioural Nutrition
A.Prof Daniel Belavy
Associate Professor of Exercise and Musculoskeletal Health
A.Prof Karen Campbell
Associate Professor
A.Prof Sarah McNaughton
Associate Professor
A.Prof Lynn Riddell
Associate Head of School (Teaching & Learning)
A.Prof Anna Timperio
NHF Future Leader Fellow
Dr Brad Aisbett
Senior Lecturer
Dr Stephanie Bayol
Research Fellow (Grade 2)
Dr Alison Booth
Lecturer in Nutritional Science
Dr Clinton Bruce
Senior Lecturer in Nutrition & Metabolism
Dr Rachel Duckham
Research Fellow
Dr Victoria Foletta
Research Fellow
Dr Jenny Gianoudis
Research Fellow
Dr Carley Grimes
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Kylie Hesketh
ARC Future Fellow
Dr Trina Hinkley
NHMRC Early Career Research Fellow
Dr Kirsten Howlett
Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology
Dr Gunveen Kaur
Lecturer in Nutritional Sciences
Dr Greg Kowalski
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Katie Lacy
Lecturer in Nutritional Sciences
Dr Karen Lamb
Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Severine Lamon
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Rachel Laws
Research Fellow
Dr Luana Main
Dr Catherine Milte
Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Sharleen O'Reilly
Dr Timo Rantaleinen
Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Nicola Ridgers
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Shannon Sahlqvist
Dr Alison Spence
Dr Ewa Szymlek-Gay
Dr Wei-Peng Teo
Dr Megan Teychenne
Dr Lukar Thornton
Research Fellow
Dr Susan Torres
Senior Lecturer
Dr Anne Turner
Senior Lecturer
Dr Jenny Veitch
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Glenn Wadley
Senior Lecturer
Dr Stuart Warmington

Deakin University acknowledges the traditional land owners of present campus sites.

27th February 2015