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Lower prices gets more fruit and veg in the shopping basket

Researchers from C-PAN have highlighted the importance of lower prices as a mechanism to promote the purchase and consumption of fruit and vegetables.

How can policy support the provision of healthy food in communities?

Watch a seminar hosted by C-PAN, together with the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute and the Obesity Policy Coalition featuring Dr Corinna Hawkes.

Investigating the link between Diet and cognition

Watch Dr Catherine Milte's short video featured in the Medibank Community Fund's 'year in review' on her investigation of the link between diet and cognition.


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Issue 30:

  • Growing healthy muscles to optimise metabolic health into adult life
  • Who's looking after mum? A TRIP to better diabetes prevention
  • Television viewing impacts on young children's psychosocial and cognitive development
  • Relationships between a healthy diet and cognitive function in older Australians​
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27th February 2015