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Building 'Asia literacy' in the Asian Century

Chair of Education, Prof Christine Halse, has edited a 'challenging and provocative' book on 'Asia literacy.'

Time to level the tertiary playing field

Researchers have found that higher SES students are dominating TAFE degrees.

Kinder gardens get a makeover

Educators join with top horticulturalist to improve childcare environments.

Our Members

Executive Committee

An image of Jill bLackmore Alfred Deakin Professor Jill Blackmore
CREFI Director
An image of Russell Tytler Professor Russell Tytler
CREFI Deputy Director
Chair in Science Education
An image of mary dixon Associate Professor Mary Dixon
CREFI Associate Director
Associate Professor
An image of Trevor Gale Professor Trevor Gale
Chair in Education Policy and Social Justice
An image of Christine Halse Professor Christine Halse
Chair in Eductaion
An image of Christine Ure Professor Christine Ure
Head of School of Education
An image of Lyn Harrison Associate Professor Lyn Harrison
Associate Head of School (Research and Research Training)

Centre Members

An image of Prof Chris Hickey Professor Chris Hickey
Associate Dean (Research)
An image of Prof andrea nolan Professor Andrea Nolan
Professor in Education (Early Childhood)
An image of Aprof Damian Blake Associate Professor Damian Blake
Associate Head of School (Teaching and Learning)
An image of Aprof Susie Groves Associate Professor Susie Groves

An image of Aprof Peter Hubber Associate Professor Peter Hubber

An image of Julianne Moss Associate Professor Julianne Moss
Associate Professor in Education Studies
An image of colleen vale Associate Professor Colleen Vale
Associate Professor in Mathematics Education
An image of Bernadette Walker-Gibbs Associate Professor Bernadette Walker-Gibbs
Partnership Development Coordinator
An image of Ruth Arber Dr Ruth Arber
Senior Lecturer
An image of Dr Coral Campbell Dr Coral Campbell
Associate Professor
An image of Dr Gail Chittleborough Dr Gail Chittleborough
Senior Lecturer
An image of Dr Anne Cloonan Dr Anne Cloonan
Senior Lecturer
An image of Dr Andrea Gallant Dr Andrea Gallant
Senior Lecturer
An image of linda hobbs Dr Linda Hobbs
Senior Lecturer in Science Education
An image of Dr Kirsten Hutchison Dr Kirsten Hutchison
Senior Lecturer in Language and Literary Education
An image of Daniel Marshall Dr Daniel Marshall
Senior Lecturer
An image of Dr Joanne O'Mara Dr Joanne O'Mara
Senior Lecturer
An image of Dr Shaun Rawolle Dr Shaun Rawolle
Senior Lecturer in Education
An image of Julie Rowlands Dr Julie Rowlands
Lecturer in Education
An image of Andrew Skourdoumbis Andrew Skourdoumbis
Senior Lecturer in Education (Pedagogy and Curriculum)
An image of Ly Tran Dr Ly Tran
Senior Lecturer in Education (Pedagogy and Curriculum)
An image of Dr Athena Vongalis-Macrow Dr Athena Vongalis-Macrow
Senior Lecturer
An image of Dr Gaye Williams Dr Gaye Williams
Senior Lecturer

Adjunct Members

An image of andrea allard Associate Professor Andrea Allard
Honorary Associate Professor
An image of richard bates Professor Richard Bates
Emeritus Professor
An image of brenton doecke Professor Brenton Doecke
Deputy Director (Partnerships and Engagement)
Chair in Education

CREFI Co-ordinator

An image of lisa angelini Ms Lisa Angelini
CREFI Co-ordinator

CREFI International Advisory Board

The Executive Committee is supported by an international advisory board. This comprises of:

Name Position University
Professor Peter Goodyear
Co-director, Centre for Research on Computer Supported Learning and Cognition University of Sydney
Professor Dennis Sumara Dean of the Werklund School of Education University of Calgary
Professor Juan Hu Professor Renmin University
Professor Michael Peters Professor University of Waikato
Professor Peter Renshaw Professor University of Quensland
Professor Sharon Chen Professor National Taiwan Normal University
Professor Laurence Simonneaux Professor Ecole Nationale de Formation Agronomique
Professor Louise Morley Professor University of Sussex

Deakin University acknowledges the traditional land owners of present campus sites.

3rd June 2015