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Fractured lives

Men express less satisfaction with their quality of life after suffering a fracture.

Heavy metal and the blues

IMPACT researchers find a connection between cadmium and depression.

Muscle or fat?

Young men are less healthy than we thought - research shows an alarming increase in obesity.

You are what you eat

Deakin expert sets her sights on the food industry in 'The Conversation.'

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Call for study participants

MoodSwings: An online self-help program for bipolar disorder

This study is evaluating the effectiveness of an online self-help program in improving well-being in people with bipolar disorder. The study offers people access to an online program for 12 months, and requires people to answer a series of questionnaires about their mood and well-being over the 12 month study period. This study is currently recruiting and we are seeking people aged between 21 and 65 with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder to take part.
Contact: Ms Emma Gliddon 03 4215 3311 or visit

Mino UD trial

This study is trialling minocycline as an add-on to usual treatment for depression. The study requires people to attend seven interviews over the course of 16-weeks. The study is currently recruiting and seeking both men and women aged 18 years or over to take part.
Contact: Dr Olivia Dean 03 4215 3300 or

Diet and depression trial

This is a trial to test whether diet can impact the mental health of people with depression. We are calling on people aged over 18 years with major depression. The trial will involve taking part in either a 3-month diet program or social support program. Each program comprises seven 45-60 minute sessions at a research centre in Collingwood or Geelong.
Contact: Melanie 03 4215 3325 or email

Mito NAC trial

This trial involves N-acetyl cysteine, known as NAC, in combination with other nutraceutical agents as a potential new treatment for bipolar disorder. We are seeking volunteers for the trial who are over 18 years of age and have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. The study requires people to attend seven interviews over the course of 20-weeks.
Contact: Dr Alyna Turner 03 4215 3313 or email

Bipolar disorder health and lifestyle study

This study aims to investigate health and lifestyle factors associated with bipolar disorder. We are seeking men and women aged over 20 years, with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Participation involves questionnaires and clinical tests such as bone density at the Geelong Hospital.
Contact: Amanda 03 4215 3308

Geelong Osteoporosis Study

This ongoing cohort study is currently re-calling women for their 15-year follow-up assessment. If you receive an invitation we urge you to return for your next assessment.
Contact: Cathy 03 42153333 or

ProFrac study

This study is designed to identify risk factors for fracture. All men and women who have sustained a recent fracture will have received a questionnaire. We urge you to return the completed questionnaires as soon as possible. If you require another questionnaire, please contact us.
Contact: Millie 03 4215 3331 or

Vitamin D in Pregnancy (VIP) study

This follow-up study is designed to investigate the link between maternal vitamin D levels during pregnancy and growth and development in the offspring. Mother-child pairs will receive an invitation to attend the study centre at the Geelong Hospital when their follow-up appointment is due. We urge participants to attend for follow-up.
Contact: Natalie 03 4215 3307 or

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27th February 2015