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TOBY Playpad in India

We want to reach out to as many people as possible, says Professor Svetha Venkatesh.

PRaDA honoured in Geelong

TOBY Playpad wins Smart Technology Award

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Centre for Pattern Recognition and Data Analytics
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Pattern Recognition and Data Analytics

PRaDA focuses on discovery of patterns in large-scale data. While we advance theory across a range of statistical methods - from linear algebra to probabilistic techniques - we remain grounded in real world problems. We are data domain agnostic. We have projects in areas as diverse as surveillance, social media, and pervasive health.

Our research drive the start-up iCetana's innovative anomaly detection software. The software uses ideas from Compressed Sensing to enable simultaneous surveillance of many cameras deployed in diverse settings. A local city council has used our algorithms to detect loitering, anti-social behaviour and traffic violations.

Our research also drive TOBY Playpad, a uniquely adaptive early intervention program for children with Autism. TOBY Playpad monitors each child's performance on tasks from a complex syllabus and adjusts lesson delivery to each and every child. Parent feedback tells us that, thanks to TOBY, their children are learning new social, cognitive, and sensory skills.

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6th September 2012