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T. Nguyen, D. Phung, B. Adams, T. Truyen, and S. Venkatesh. Hyper-community detection in the blogosphere. In Proc. of ACM Workshop on Social media, in conjuction with ACM Int. Conf on Multimedia (ACM-MM), Firenze, Italy, 2010. ACM.

Most existing work on learning community structure in social network is graph-based whose links among the members are often represented as an adjacency matrix, encoding direct pairwise associations between members. In this paper, we propose a method to group online communities in blogosphere based on the topics learnt from the content blogged. We then consider a different type of online community formulation - the sentiment-based grouping of online communities. The problem of sentiment-based clustering for community structure discovery is rich with many interesting open aspects to be explored. We propose a novel approach for addressing hyper-community detection based on users sentiment. We employ a nonparametric clustering to automatically discover hidden hyper-communities and present the results obtained from a large dataset.

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19th February 2015