Gupta, S.K. and Rana, S. and Phung, D. and Venkatesh, S.. Keeping up with Innovation: A Predictive Framework for Modeling Healthcare Data with Evolving Clinical Interventions. page (accepted), Philadelphia, USA, 2014.

Medical outcomes are inexorably linked to patient illness and clinical interventions. Interventions change the course of disease, crucially determining outcome. Traditional outcome prediction models build a single classifier by augmenting interventions with disease information. Interventions, however, differentially affect prognosis, thus a single prediction rule may not suffice to capture variations. Interventions also evolve over time as more advanced interventions replace older ones. To this end, we propose a Bayesian nonparametric, supervised framework that models a set of intervention groups through a mixture distribution building a separate prediction rule for each group,and allows the mixture distribution to change with time. This is achieved by using a hierarchical Dirichlet process mixture model over the interventions. The outcome is then modeled as conditional on both the latent grouping and the disease information through a Bayesian logistic regression. Efficient inference is derived. Experiments on synthetic and medical cohorts for 30-day readmission prediction demonstrate the superiority of the proposed model over clinical and data mining baselines..