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Centre for Pattern Recognition and Data Analytics
School of Information Technology
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Automatic extraction of expressive elements from motion pictures: Tempo, Adams B, Dorai C and Venkatesh S  [ pdf ], IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, vol 4, p3, 2002
Finding the beat: An analysis of the rhythmic elements of motion pictures, Adamas B, Dorai C and Venkatesh S [ ps ],  International Journal of Image and Graphics, Vol2(2), p215-245, 2002
Performance optimisation problem in speculative prefetching, Tuah N, Kumar M, Venkatesh S and Das S [ pdf ], IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, Vol 13(5), May 2002, p471-484
Policy recognition in the Abstract Hidden Markov Model, Bui HH, Venkatesh S and West G [ pdf ],  Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research,  Vol 17, p451-499, 2002 

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