B. Saha, D.Q. Phung, D.S. Pham, and S. Venkatesh. Clustering patient medical records via sparse subspace representation. In 17th Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, PAKDD'13, 2013.

The health industry is facing increasing challenge with data" as traditional methods fail to manage the scale and complexity. This paper examines clustering of patient records for chronic diseases to facilitate a better construction of care plans. We solve this problem under the framework of subspace clustering. Our novel contribution lies in the exploitation of sparse representation to discover subspaces auto- matically and a domain-speci c construction of weighting matrices for patient records. We show the new formulation is readily solved by ex- tending existing `1-regularized optimization algorithms. Using a cohort of both diabetes and stroke data we show that we outperform existing benchmark clustering techniques in the literature.

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