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From chef's hat to mortarboard

Tue, 24 Mar 2009 09:45:00 +1100

Once Russell Keast swapped his chef's hat for a mortarboard, there was no going back.

'I still enjoy cooking at home, but it was a hard life running a restaurant,' says Dr Keast, who instead of working on entrees and main courses, has given Deakin an entree into the emerging research field of chemical detection in the oral cavity and is thus regarded as a key recruit for the University as it broadens and widens its research base.

'It can be hard at times as an academic, but when you're working at the cutting edge in some of the areas I and my colleagues at Deakin are, it can also be very satisfying indeed.

'I got into university because I wanted to write about food, and I actually did that for a while on the Otago Daily Times while at the University at Otago in New Zealand. I wrote about beer and food.'

Russell Keast
Russell Keast

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