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ARC Discovery and Linkage Round 1, 2010 outcomes

Mon, 02 Nov 2009 15:27:00 +1100

Deakin has achieved excellent results in the Australian Research Council (ARC) 2010 awards announced on Monday 26 October 2009.

The University has won 13 Discovery and 10 Linkage Round 1 awards which is the highest number in a number of years. The wins place us 16th in the number of Discovery grants awarded and equal 6th in the number of Linkage grants awarded amongst Australian Universities.

I particularly want to commend these Chief Investigators:

Professor Bill Logan (2 Discovery awards)

  1. Prof William S Logan; Prof Joan E Beaumont; A/Prof Andrea Witcomb; Dr Bart Ziino
    Australian Heritage Abroad: Managing Australia's Extraterritorial War Heritage
  2. Prof William S Logan; Dr Colin D Long
    Vietnam: heritage of a nation

Professor Wanlei Zhou (2 Linkage Round 1 awards)

  1. Prof Wanlei Zhou, Dr Yang Xiang
    An active approach to detect and defend against peer-to-peer botnets
  2. Prof Wanlei Zhou, Dr Robin R Ram Mohan Doss
    Secure and Efficient Communication

Dr Giovanni M Turchini; Prof Andrew J Sinclair; A/Prof M Leigh Ackland

  • Dr Turchini was awarded an Australian Research Fellowship
    Triggering the dormant capacity of fish to make omega 3 fatty acids

Congratulations are also due to the following Chief Investigators and their teams.

Discovery 2010

Mr Hua Chen and Prof Wenhui Duan
Functionalisation of boron nitride nanotubes: preparation, underlying mechanism and potential sensor applications

Dr Sheryl A Hemphill; Prof John W Toumbourou; Dr Peter J Kremer
Antisocial behaviour in young Australian adults: Social and economic influences

Prof David M Lowe; Prof James A Walter
Australian politicians and the uses of history: from Federation to the present

Dr Sarah A McNaughton; Prof David A Crawford; A/Prof Kylie Ball; A/Prof Jo Salmon
Understanding personal, social and environmental influences on nutrition and physical activity among older adults living in urban and rural areas

Dr Melissa A Parris; Dr Uma D Jogulu
Career aspirations of Australia's immigrant managers from the Asia-Pacific region: Developing a cross-cultural framework

Prof Martine B Powell; Dr Jarrad A Lum; Dr Pam C Snow
Understanding the relationship between child maltreatment and language competence: An evidential interviewing perspective.

Dr Andre M Renzaho; Prof Boyd A Swinburn; Prof Sing Kai Lo; A/Prof David J Mellor; Dr Julie B Green
African youth and obesity: The role of the intergenerational acculturation gap

A/Prof Lina A Ricciardelli; A/Prof David J Mellor; Prof Marita P McCabe; A/Prof Alex J Mussap
Promoting fit bodies, healthy eating and physical activity among Indigenous Australian men

Dr Helen Skouteris; Prof Marita P McCabe; A/Prof Lina A Ricciardelli; Prof Jeannette Milgrom; Prof Louise A Baur
How do parenting and parent-child interactions impact on preschool children's eating, physical activity habits, and subsequent patterns of weight gain?

Prof Xungai Wang; Dr Tak Tsuzuki; Dr Suzanne V Smith; Prof David Kaplan
Protein Fibre Powders: Production, Characterisation and Applications

Full list of Chief Investigators, title and a project summaries

Linkage Round 1, 2010

Prof Colin J Barrow, Prof Andrew J Sinclair, Dr Ken Walder, Dr Jaroslav, A Kralovec, Dr Harry S Ewart, Dr Jacqui L Adcock, A/Prof Margaret L Ackland, Dr Ian F Musgrave
Enzymatic synthesis, microencapsulation and biological evaluation of a new class of omega-3 derived functional food ingredients.

Prof Mari A Botti, Prof Brigid C Kent, Prof Tracey K Bucknall, Prof Megan-Jane Johnstone, Prof Maxine Duke, Dr Julie Considine, Dr Rosemary J Watts, Dr Bernice Redley, Mr Richard N de Steiger
Translation of evidence into pain management practices in acute care environments

A/Prof Lingxue Kong, Prof Xungai Wang, Dr Tong Lin
Formation and characterisation of continuous electrospun nanofibre yarns

A/Prof Heath J McDonald, Prof Daniel C Funk, Prof Simon J Bell
The impact of new professional sporting teams on community engagement and fan development

A/Prof David J Mellor, Prof Marita P McCabe, A/Prof Lina A Ricciardelli, A/Prof Susan A Brumby
Implementation and evaluation of a program to reduce alcohol and related problems among farm men and women

Prof Saeid Nahavandi, Dr Ben P Horan
Haptic realisation of visual art for the blind and visually impaired

Dr Helen Skouteris, Prof Marita P McCabe, Prof Boyd A Swinburn
Healthy eating and obesity prevention for preschoolers: A randomised controlled trial

Dr Ken Walder, Dr Frederick M Pfeffer, Dr Nicky Konstantopoulos, Dr Guy Y Krippner
Discovery and development of novel insulin sensitising compounds for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes

Full list of Chief Investigators, titles, and project summaries

Please join with me in celebrating this excellent result and congratulating your colleagues.

Best regards,

Professor Lee Astheimer
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)

Dr Melissa Parris
Dr Melissa Parris, ECR and first time ARC applicant, one of Deakin's ARC Discovery winners.
27th February 2015