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Deakin University migration expert to advise UN on development goals

Thu, 03 Mar 2011 17:31:00 +1100

Deakin University's Co-Director of the Centre for Comparative Social Research and  Chair of Migration and Intercultural Research, Professor Fethi Mansouri, will join six other global experts to advise the United Nations (UN) on the drafting of the Millennium Development Goals for member states on migration, integration and youth.

The invitation to join the UN panel is a career highlight for Professor Mansouri, who will fly to New York next week to start preliminary discussions on the drafting of the goals.

“It really is a fantastic opportunity and an exciting challenge,” said Professor Mansouri.

“I, along with others on the panel, will be able to use our expertise in this area and contribute to the  international policy agenda, that in turn will have a real impact on peoples’ lives  in a lot of countries around the world.

“The impact is huge and that is what is exciting about this collaboration from my perspective.”

Professor Mansouri’s passion is understanding the complexities and issues refugees and migrants face as they arrive and settle in their host countries, particularly Australia and their varied paths to citizenship.  He is specifically interested in the integration of migrant youth into the host country.  He is also a leading expert on the relationship between Australia and the Middle East.

Professor Mansouri has previously argued for better integration policies and increased educational resources for youth and  migrant youth especially. His research has called for young migrant youth to be  better engaged into the wider society. 

His work has explored the social and structural impediments to social integration and intercultural understanding both nationally and internationally and what can be done to change it.

“I see the integration of migrant populations and youth specifically not only as a good outcome for society and the economy but also with cross cultural and socio cultural benefits, ‘’ Professor Mansouri  said.

The country-specific goals ,which are measurable, will be developed in the framework of the 4th United Nations Global Forum which will take place In Doha, Qatar in December 2011. 

Professor Mansouri is also listed on the UN database as a global expert in the area of migration and intercultural relations. 

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  • The invitation to join the UN panel is a career highlight for Professor Mansouri
  • Professor Mansouri

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