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Revealed: foods that make you sad!

Tue, 22 Mar 2011 09:31:00 +1100

The Geelong Advertiser has reported that local scientists have unlocked one of the keys to lasting happiness - eating well.

The world-first study, which has received international accolades, shows a clear link between junk food and depression and demonstrates the impact a child's diet can have on its life-long mental health.

The Barwon Health study of women in the region was listed in the top 10 most important psychiatric studies in the world by a renowned medical website.

Deakin University research fellow Dr Felice Jacka led the Association of Diet With Depression and Anxiety study, which declared eating fried, fatty and processed foods such as pies, pizzas, white bread and chips caused depression and anxiety.

woman eating a hamburger
Showcase facts
  • depression was caused by junk food itself and not from associated health problems from a poor diet such as obesity and cardiovascular disease.
  • the research showed healthy eating among youngsters could prevent mental illnesses seen in the community
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