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Depression research breakthrough

Mon, 30 May 2011 10:39:00 +1000

DEPRESSION sufferers will be able to avoid months or years of experimenting with different doses of medication, thanks to a four-year study led by a Geelong researcher.

Dr Ajeet Singh, a clinical senior researcher at the Deakin University Medical School, has had a "Eureka moment" by linking a gene which controls the entry of medication into the brain with the dose of anti-depressant patients require, the Geelong Advertiser said.

"The brain is in a bag and it doesn't allow foreign things to get into the brain, including medicines," said Dr Singh, who is also a practicing psychiatrist at The Geelong Clinic.

"Some people have got genes where it's harder to get medicines into their brains than others. Those people are often under-dosed so they can spend months or years on medication and never get better."

The study involved genetically testing 113 people and assessing how they responded to depression medication .

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