Breaking news - another prize for Kylie Ball

Deakin University's Dr Kylie Ball has won the Victorian Tall Poppy Award for 2008.

Dr Kylie Ball
Dr Kylie Ball

According to the judges, Dr Ball was clearly the outstanding entrant among the 10 high quality entrants in this year's award.

"I feel very humbled seeing the quality of the other entrants," Dr Ball said.

"It is a wonderful thrill and it is a great credit to the team of people we have working at Deakin in research into exercise and nutrition."

Dr Ball has played a leading role in keeping Deakin at the forefront of the fight against obesity.

A team led by Dr Ball was recently awarded a $2 million National Health and Medical Research Council grant.

The researchers are investigating the causes of the increased risk of obesity among socio-economically disadvantage women and children.

They are also focussing on women and children who appear ?’resilient' to obesity.

"There were two sides to the award, one was the quality of the research," Dr Ball said.

"The other side is being able to communicate the results of that work to the broader community."

The Tall Poppy Campaign recognises the wealth of Australian scientific and intellectual excellence through the Tall Poppy and Young Tall Poppy Science awards. The campaign was created by the Australian Institute of Policy & Science (AIPS) during the celebrations for the centenary of the birth of Australian Nobel Prize winning scientist Sir Howard Florey in 1998.

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