ARC Discovery and Linkage Round 1, 2010 outcomes

Deakin has achieved excellent results in the ARC 2010 awards.

Dr Melissa Parris, <acronym title='Early Career Researcher'>ECR</acronym> and first time ARC applicant, one of Deakin's ARC Discovery winners.
Dr Melissa Parris, ECR and first time ARC applicant, one of Deakin's ARC Discovery winners.

Deakin has achieved excellent results in the Australian Research Council (ARC) 2010 awards announced on Monday 26 October 2009.

The University has won 13 Discovery and 10 Linkage Round 1 awards which is the highest number in a number of years. The wins place us 16th in the number of Discovery grants awarded and equal 6th in the number of Linkage grants awarded amongst Australian Universities.

I particularly want to commend these Chief Investigators:

Professor Bill Logan (2 Discovery awards)

  1. Prof William S Logan; Prof Joan E Beaumont; A/Prof Andrea Witcomb; Dr Bart Ziino
    Australian Heritage Abroad: Managing Australia's Extraterritorial War Heritage
  2. Prof William S Logan; Dr Colin D Long
    Vietnam: heritage of a nation

Professor Wanlei Zhou (2 Linkage Round 1 awards)

  1. Prof Wanlei Zhou, Dr Yang Xiang
    An active approach to detect and defend against peer-to-peer botnets
  2. Prof Wanlei Zhou, Dr Robin R Ram Mohan Doss
    Secure and Efficient Communication

Dr Giovanni M Turchini; Prof Andrew J Sinclair; A/Prof M Leigh Ackland

  • Dr Turchini was awarded an Australian Research Fellowship
    Triggering the dormant capacity of fish to make omega 3 fatty acids

Congratulations are also due to the following Chief Investigators and their teams.

Discovery 2010

Mr Hua Chen and Prof Wenhui Duan
Functionalisation of boron nitride nanotubes: preparation, underlying mechanism and potential sensor applications

Dr Sheryl A Hemphill; Prof John W Toumbourou; Dr Peter J Kremer
Antisocial behaviour in young Australian adults: Social and economic influences

Prof David M Lowe; Prof James A Walter
Australian politicians and the uses of history: from Federation to the present

Dr Sarah A McNaughton; Prof David A Crawford; A/Prof Kylie Ball; A/Prof Jo Salmon
Understanding personal, social and environmental influences on nutrition and physical activity among older adults living in urban and rural areas

Dr Melissa A Parris; Dr Uma D Jogulu
Career aspirations of Australia's immigrant managers from the Asia-Pacific region: Developing a cross-cultural framework

Prof Martine B Powell; Dr Jarrad A Lum; Dr Pam C Snow
Understanding the relationship between child maltreatment and language competence: An evidential interviewing perspective.

Dr Andre M Renzaho; Prof Boyd A Swinburn; Prof Sing Kai Lo; A/Prof David J Mellor; Dr Julie B Green
African youth and obesity: The role of the intergenerational acculturation gap

A/Prof Lina A Ricciardelli; A/Prof David J Mellor; Prof Marita P McCabe; A/Prof Alex J Mussap
Promoting fit bodies, healthy eating and physical activity among Indigenous Australian men

Dr Helen Skouteris; Prof Marita P McCabe; A/Prof Lina A Ricciardelli; Prof Jeannette Milgrom; Prof Louise A Baur
How do parenting and parent-child interactions impact on preschool children's eating, physical activity habits, and subsequent patterns of weight gain?

Prof Xungai Wang; Dr Tak Tsuzuki; Dr Suzanne V Smith; Prof David Kaplan
Protein Fibre Powders: Production, Characterisation and Applications

Full list of Chief Investigators, title and a project summaries

Linkage Round 1, 2010

Prof Colin J Barrow, Prof Andrew J Sinclair, Dr Ken Walder, Dr Jaroslav, A Kralovec, Dr Harry S Ewart, Dr Jacqui L Adcock, A/Prof Margaret L Ackland, Dr Ian F Musgrave
Enzymatic synthesis, microencapsulation and biological evaluation of a new class of omega-3 derived functional food ingredients.

Prof Mari A Botti, Prof Brigid C Kent, Prof Tracey K Bucknall, Prof Megan-Jane Johnstone, Prof Maxine Duke, Dr Julie Considine, Dr Rosemary J Watts, Dr Bernice Redley, Mr Richard N de Steiger
Translation of evidence into pain management practices in acute care environments

A/Prof Lingxue Kong, Prof Xungai Wang, Dr Tong Lin
Formation and characterisation of continuous electrospun nanofibre yarns

A/Prof Heath J McDonald, Prof Daniel C Funk, Prof Simon J Bell
The impact of new professional sporting teams on community engagement and fan development

A/Prof David J Mellor, Prof Marita P McCabe, A/Prof Lina A Ricciardelli, A/Prof Susan A Brumby
Implementation and evaluation of a program to reduce alcohol and related problems among farm men and women

Prof Saeid Nahavandi, Dr Ben P Horan
Haptic realisation of visual art for the blind and visually impaired

Dr Helen Skouteris, Prof Marita P McCabe, Prof Boyd A Swinburn
Healthy eating and obesity prevention for preschoolers: A randomised controlled trial

Dr Ken Walder, Dr Frederick M Pfeffer, Dr Nicky Konstantopoulos, Dr Guy Y Krippner
Discovery and development of novel insulin sensitising compounds for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes

Full list of Chief Investigators, titles, and project summaries

Please join with me in celebrating this excellent result and congratulating your colleagues.

Best regards,

Professor Lee Astheimer
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)

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