Smart Geelong Researcher of the Year Awards 2010

Deakin University again features prominently, including Dr Aiden Beer

Dr Aiden Beer
Dr Aiden Beer

Deakin University again featured prominently at the Smart Geelong Researcher of the Year Awards for 2010.

Dr Aiden Beer from the Institute for Technology Research and Innovation (ITRI) won the highly commended award for the prestigious main prize, Researcher of the Year Award.

Dr Beer’s research is focused on magnesium and its alloys, and is primarily concerned with microstructure manipulation and alloy development for enhanced mechanical properties.

Dr Beer's work with magnesium also made him an important contributor to the Deakin Smart Bike Project.

"It is both a surprise and an honour," he said. "I would like to thank everyone at ITRI for their support."

Dr Beer also won the Smart Technology section.

Deakin’s other winners on the night were Nishar Hameed in the Early Researcher section and Dr Qing Li and Chris Hurren in the Save The Planet section.

Nishar was presented with his award by the head of ITRI, Professor Peter Hodgson.

“Nishar has put together an impressive body of work in a very short time,” Professor Hodgson said. “He is a very talented member of ITRI.”

His PhD supervisor, Professor Qipeng Guo proudly congratulated his young star.

“He is one of my best students ever,” Professor Guo said of his prolific young researcher.

In recent times Professor Guo and Nishar have published eight papers.

Dr Li’s and Chris Hurren’s application was focussed on a smarter and more environmentally friendly way of cleaning wool fibres.

Dr Li’s research is focused on fibre and textile material science and industrial applications.

Chris Hurren’s research has been focused on the areas of biomaterials, organic powder manufacture, ultrasonic wool cleaning, titania
sol-gel coatings and polymer extrusion.

His expertise is in the scale up of research by taking it from the laboratory into industrial manufacture.

He was Design Engineer-Interior for the design of a T-model Ford for the 21st Century competition of which Deakin was a joint winner.

Neither Dr Li or Chris Hurren were able to collect their award on the night. Rather they were in China, where there is great interest in their research work.

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