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Hear Deakin's Martin Hardie on Lance Armstrong.

Martin Hardie
Martin Hardie

Lance Armstrong was protected by a network of cycling officials around the world, according to Deakin University's Martin Hardie.

Hardie made the claims in the wake of the release of the US Anti-Doping Agency's long-awaited report into the career of Armstrong, the seven time winner of the Tour de France.

Armstrong has long maintained his innocence, but has given up fighting the USADA charges.

Hardie was interviewed on ABC's RN Breakfast program from the departure lounge of Melbourne Airport, where he was on his way to an anti-doping conference in the United States.

Martin Hardie on the sacking of Matt White:

“Matt White is not the problem here. The administration of CA have buried their head in the sand for far too long. I have spoken to Matt about cycling and doping for many years. He is a person I have always admired and he deserves better treatment than this. Matt White has done his best for cycling throughout his life and has worked hard to make sure younger riders do not face the same unfortunate decisions he faced.”

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