Food and Appetites

New book looks at the Hunger Artist and the Arts.

Professor Ann McCulloch
Professor Ann McCulloch

Food and Appetites: The Hunger Artist and the Arts edited by Ann McCulloch and Pavlina Radia  (Cambridge Scholars Publishing December, 2012) was launched at the Centre for Memory Imagination meeting on March 15th at the Deakin University Melbourne City Centre. This book emerged as a result of a Double Dialogues conference held at the University of Toronto in 2010. This is the second book to come from these conferences and there is a third one that has been commissioned as the result of last year's conference in Fiji.
Food and Appetites: The Hunger Artist and the Arts examines the many guises  and  figurations of  hunger and the arts, and gives an overview of themes that emerge from the notion of the Hunger Artist (Kafka) alongside issues related to food: how food can be significant as an indicator of social class, its rich source as a metaphor in literature and art; its unequal distribution throughout the world; and the means by which consumption can lead to gluttony and further exploitation of the "hungry".

The book is trans-disciplinary in the way it maps how the arts in their representations of social, psychological, political and philosophical perspectives draw attention to the problems associated with excessive human craving.  The following Deakin staff contributed chapters to this book: Professor  Ann McCulloch, Dr  R. A. Goodrich; Dr Joanne Scicluna and Dr Deborah Walker. Dr. John Forrest's art was also reviewed in the work.

Two PhD students, Kathryn Keeble and Matt Hood, also contributed chapters.
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