Where can Higher Degree Research at ADRI take you?

It's taking PhD candidate, Sarah Coates to the USA!

ADRI affords HDR students opportunities to study abroad.
ADRI affords HDR students opportunities to study abroad.

ADRI sits down with PhD candidate, Sarah Coates (whose principal supervisor is ADRI Director, Prof David Lowe) for a brief chat about her recent success in applying for a grant that allows her to undertake research in Germany...

ADRI: First of all, congratulations! Can you tell us a bit about the grant?

Sarah: Earlier this year I applied for the brand new Dodd Center International Justice Research Fellowship. I was recently informed that my application was successful.  The fellowship is offered by the Thomas J. Dodd Center at the University of Connecticut, United States. It is awarded to support research at the Archives and Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center and, therefore, further the Center’s aim to promote human rights.

The fellowship involves a one to four week stay at the UConn campus to conduct PhD research during the United States summer. I will be working closely with the Center’s research staff and searching through the Thomas J. Dodd collection. More information can be found at http://doddcenter.uconn.edu/asc/research/travelgrants/index.htm.

ADRI: Why is it important for you to do this research abroad?

Sarah: My PhD thesis explores themes of post-war justice and punishment of Nazi criminals by Britain and the United States. The Dodd Center holds valuable archival sources relating to war crimes trials administered by the Americans in the aftermath of World War II that are particularly relevant to my research. Documents from the Center such as transcripts, trial briefs, along with range of post-trial materials, much of which is unavailable in Australia, especially complement my PhD work.

Specifically, the material relating to the Dachau Military Court, 1945-46 will contribute to my analysis of press coverage of this trial. The archives at the Dodd Center include testimony from the trial along with a range of post-trial materials such as lists of journalists and newspapers, which reported on the proceedings.

ADRI: How has working with ADRI helped you along your PhD journey?

Sarah: Being involved with ADRI has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for me personally. The interactions I have had with ADRI researchers from a broad range of disciplines has benefited the ongoing development of my PhD topic and my research. Prof. David Lowe, Director of ADRI, has been particularly instrumental in my academic studies. David is my principle PhD supervisor and he personally supported my application for the Dodd Fellowship.

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Mat has recently been awarded a prestigious DAAD German scholarship sponsoring him for a substantial component of his research in Germany during 2013-14.

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