Professor Bill's Bushfires grab media attention

ADRI is home to highly respected Cultural Heritage Professor, Bill Logan, whose research into memorialising bushfire catastrophe has garnered much media attention.

Alfred Deakin Professor William (Bill) Logan
Alfred Deakin Professor William (Bill) Logan

ADRI Professor Bill Logan's research into bushfires began last year following an invitation to present a paper at the Investigating Catastrophes: Commemoration, Accountability and the Public Record at UWA in June this year. He delivered the paper both at UWA and as a Cultural Heritage Centre for Asia and the Pacific (CHCAP) seminar later in June. The paper is now being expanded for publication in a special issue of the journal National Identities, to be edited by Professor William Taylor, UWA.

Recently, Bill was featured in the Herald Sun and Lilydale and Yarra Leader in an article entitled 'Dangerous Bush is No Place to Live'. Professor Logan's research into how Victoria's bushfires - in particular Ash Wednesday in 1983 and 2009's Black Saturday - were remembered has reinforced his view that people needed to take more responsibility for themselves.

Following this article, he was interviewed on ABC Radio Adelaide about his research into Memorializing Bushfire Catastrophe. He appeared on 'Afternoons with Sonya' with Sonya Feldhoff.

Bill was invited to present two papers at the Traditionalism, Colonialism, Modernism: Asian Heritage Transformed international symposium held at the University of Melbourne on 2-4 October this year. The papers were:

(1) 'The Battles of Binh Ba and Long Tan, Vietnam: Difficult War Heritage and the Disconnect between Significance and Memorialisation'.

This paper was in a session on Difficult Heritage in Asia. Other speakers were Deakin's Dr Fengqi Qian and Dr Keir Reeves from Monash University.

(2) 'Reflection on Australia's Engagement with the Development of Heritage Conservation Policy and Practice in Asia'.

The symposium ended with a plenary session comprising his second paper and a final Q&A discussion.

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