ADRI joins forces with The Wheeler Centre

Our researchers will be doing behind-the-scenes statistic analysis for The Wheeler Centre Gala 2014: '20 Questions'.

The Wheeler Centre Gala 2014
The Wheeler Centre Gala 2014

'20 Questions' is a referendum with a twist. On Saturday 8 February, The Wheeler Centre will take to the streets of Melbourne with four city polling booths to find out what you think about ideas big and small, the fundamental and the trivial (you can also vote online).

The Wheeler Centre Gala 2014 will be an old-fashioned election party to analyse the results and what they tell us about ourselves. In the tally room will be experienced commentators George Negus, Sophie Black, Bernard Salt and Ray Martin.

ADRI researcher, Associate Professor, leading demographer and social epidemiologist, Santosh Jatrana, will be heading a team of behind-the-scenes statisticians who will analyse the raw data to come up with clever, interesting demographic information that forms the centrepiece of the night.

Between the close of voting at 3pm and the start of the event at 7pm, they'll be providing the on-stage talent with results to analyse and discuss, and creating charts/graphs that will appear on-screen. It's handy that our researchers are used to working to tight deadlines!

Be ready to laugh, think and debate in a big night of entertainment, ideas and food for thought.

Read more about Santosh's work here.

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