ARC Linkage Projects Continuous Rounds (Submissions from 1 Jan 2017)

Status: Open

Internal deadlines

Notice of Intent to Submit (NOIS) (DOCX, 21.1 KB) M3 months prior to anticipated submission date
Faculty/Institute - Grantsmanship review processMTo be advised by Deakin Research Grants
Final application on RMS and Certification and partner forms M 4 weeks prior to submission
Email Deakin Research Grants
Request not to assess O 3 weeks prior to submission
Email Deakin Research Grants
Grants Office can review rejoinders and provide feedback O TBA
Email Deakin Research Grants
Submit rejoinders to the Research Office in RMS M TBA

O - Optional / M - Mandatory


 The ARC have moved to a process of continuous Linkage rounds from 1 July 2016.

Intending applicants should contact Deakin Research – Commercial to discuss their application and their potential industry partners.

The objectives of the Linkage Projects scheme are to:

  • Support the initiation and/or development of long-term strategic research alliances between higher education organisations and other organisations, including industry and other research end-users, in order to apply advanced knowledge to problems and/or to provide opportunities to obtain national economic, commercial, social or cultural benefits
  • Provide opportunities for internationally competitive research projects to be conducted in collaboration with organisations outside the higher education sector, targeting those who have demonstrated a clear commitment to high-quality research
  • Encourage growth of a national pool of world-class researchers to meet the needs of the broader Australian innovation system
  • Build the scale and focus of research in the national Science and Research Priorities.

Funding amounts are a minimum $50,000 pa up to maximum $300,000 pa.

How to apply

  1. Read the Funding Rules and changes, Instructions to Applicants and FAQ's
  2. Liaise with your Faculty/Institute/SRC and follow internal processes for approval.
  3. Submit a Notice of Intention to Submit (NOIS) (DOCX, 21.1 KB)
  4.  Provide the Partner Pack (provided below) to your Partner Organisations (PO). Your Deakin Research Commercial Manager can assist with questions from PO
  5. Complete your online application in RMS - use DU templates provided below. Once completed select 'Submit to Research Office'.
    1. The Faculty ADR / IFM Director will assign assessors to review your application
    2. Assessments and application will be considered by DVCR
    3. Assessment comments will be passed to you for your consideration
    4. Your application will be de-submitted in RMS for you to refine
  6. Once finalised, select 'Submit to Research Office' again.
  7. Organise relevant certification forms and send to Deakin Research Grants.

Templates, forms and tools

Templates, certification form, partner pack and other resources are available below.


Certification Forms:

Other resources: