Deakin University Cross Collaboration Fund

Internal deadlines

Date Process contact
By 1 Feb 2017 Scheme Opens
27 Feb 2017
Deadline for Stage 1 Expressions of Interest
By 10 Mar 2017 DVCR to determine which applications will proceed

DR-Grants will notify applicants of outcome & will provide Stage 2 application forms to successful teams

  12 June 2017
Deadline for Stage 2 applications (applications to be collated and circulated to Assessment Panel members)
12 or 13 July 2017 (date TBC) Stage 2 presentations to DVCR panel by team representatives
21 July 2017 DR-Grants will notify applicants of outcome


The University aims to position itself at the forefront of innovative research. It has identified the need to encourage multi-disciplinary, cross-University research collaborations that are able to forecast the next big research challenges and can harness their collective talents to make major progress towards addressing these challenges.


The Scheme aims to:

  • To spearhead innovative University research collaborations and to establish highly productive teams which demonstrate a multi-disciplinary approach to solving major research issues and questions
  • To position the University to attract substantial, future external funding
  • To build Deakin University’s reputation as being innovative and well placed to address significant, global issues

Funding amounts

Stage 1 - up to $10,000 to use between mid March and early June.

Stage 2 - up to $100,000.

How to apply

  1. Read the Guidelines & Conditions
  2. Complete the Stage 1 Expression of Interest form (PART A)
    • Use the following naming convention for your document
      • [SURNAME of primary applicant] DUCC Fund 2017 EOI eg: FIRKIN- DUCC Fund 2017 EOI
  3. Submit your application to by the relevant closing date.