Translating Research Into Practice (TRIP) Fellowships



Funding body

National Health Medical Research Council

Internal deadlines

Submit nomination form M 15 Feb 2017
Email Deakin Research Grants
Applications open in RGMS
05 Apr 2017
Final application in RGMS and Certification form M 10 May 2017
Email snapshot reports and all uploaded documents to Deakin NHMRC Submissions

O - Optional / M - Mandatory


NHMRC TRIP Fellowships provide support for health care professionals (e.g medical specialists, general practitioners, public health practitioners, physiotherapists, nurses, midwives, radiologists, and other allied health providers), health care personnel (health service managers, hospital department leaders, clinical trial managers) health systems personnel, health researchers and health policy makers to translate evidence into health care and public health improvements.

Note: In the context of the TRIP Fellowship, a policy maker is defined as someone who contributes significantly to the development of a health policy or policy decisions. The person must also be actively implementing or contributing significantly to the implementation of policy into practice.

The Fellowships provide for 0.5 of a full time equivalent position and ensure time for Fellows to develop the range of skills needed for leadership in research translation within their career. TRIP Fellowships are not designed to support applicants already established as health care leaders. 

See NHMRC TRIP Fellowship webpage for more information.

How to apply

  1. Submit a Nomination Form (DOC, 29.6KB).
  2. Liaise with your Faculty/Institute.
  3. Read the Funding Rules and Instructions to Applicants (it will be available on NHMRC website from 5 Apr 2017).
  4. Commence your application in the NHMRC Research Grants Management System - RGMS.
  5. Work with your case manager.
  6. Organise relevant certification form.
  7. Final application must be on RGMS by Final application due date; email snapshot reports, certification form, consents & all uploaded documents to Deakin NHMRC Submissions


NHMRC documents

NHMRC application templates 

    The below links are for applications submitted in 2016. The documents for 2017 will only be available once applications open on RGMS.

  • NHMRC Grant Proposal template - applicants must use this template
  • RGMS Offline Application form Part A
  • Offline Application form Part B not available
  • CV - please complete/update your profile and CV online via RGMS

Deakin University Templates and Forms