Other funding

Other popular funding schemes

Deakin Research subscribes to Research Professional – a database that allows researchers to set up saved searches and email alerts for funding opportunities of direct relevance to them.  
Research Professional provides guidance sheets to help you establish your profile.  If you need additional support, please contact your faculty/institute Liaison Librarian.

The list below is intended as a guide to some of the more popular funding opportunities. There are many other awards.  Use Research Professional to find those relevant to your level of expertise and discipline.

If you find another opportunity, please lodge a Notice of Intent to Submit (NOIS) (DOC, 43KB) as soon as possible and submit the complete application and signed Grant Application Coversheet (DOC, 31KB) at least 10 working days prior to the external submission date via email to research-grants@deakin.edu.au

Resources to assist you in completing your application and  the Grant Application Coversheet can be found in our Resources and FAQs wiki page. This includes:

  • Research definitions - types of research
  • Costing domestic and international travel
  • Deakin University Salary Rates
  • Research Classification Codes - FOR Codes and SEO Code
  • Grant FAQs

Open Opportunities

NOIS due Funding Body and Scheme Complete application and signed coversheet
26 May 2017Arthritis Australia - Ken Muirden Overseas Training Fellowship, Leanne Stafford Award and Bruce Miller ARA Postdoctoral Fellowship09 Jun 2017
26 May 2017Australian Cancer Research Foundation - 2017 Grant Round09 Jun 2017
31 May 2017Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (US) - Postdoctoral Fellowships, Advanced Postdoctoral Fellowships, Career Development Awards and Early Career Patient-Oriented Diabetes Research Awards14 Jun 2017
02 Jun 2017VicHealth- Call for partners on NHMRC Partnership Projects09 Jun 2017
02 Jun 2017VicHealth- Call for partners on ARC Linkage Project Grants09 Jun 2017
02 Jun 2017Retina Australia - Retina Grants16 Jun 2017
05 Jun 2017Royal Australasian College of Physicians - Research Establishment Fellowships19 Jun 2017
09 Jun 2017Arthritis Australia - Fellowships, Project Grants and Grants in Aid23 Jun 2017
09 Jun 2017Cure Brain Cancer Foundation - Innovation Grant23 Jun 2017
16 Jun 2017Endeavour College of Natural Health - Research Seed Grant30 Jun 2017
21 Jun 2017Brain and Behaviour Research Foundation - 2017 NARSAD Distinguished Investigator Grant5 Jul 2017
30 Jun 2017JDRF - T1DCRN Mentored Clinician Researcher Fellowship14 Jul 2017
03 Jul 2017Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment17 Jul 2017
03 Jul 2017CPA Australia - Global Research Perspectives Program17 Jul 2017
03 Jul 2017The Jack Brockoff Foundation - 2017 Early Career Research Grants (Medical Grants)17 Jul 2017
03 Jul 2017CSL Centenary Fellowships17 Jul 2017
04 Jul 2017Australian-American Fulbright Commission - Postgraduate, Postdoctoral, Professional and Senior Scholarships (all disciplines) and a Distinguished Chair in Agriculture and/or Life Sciences
Note: Postgraduate student applicants should contact research-scholarships@deakin.edu.au
18 July 2017
11 Jul 2017Victorian Cancer Agency - Early Career Seed Grants, Mid-Career Research Fellowships and Clinical Research Fellowships25 Jul 2017
21 Jul 2017Cure Brain Cancer Foundation - Early Career Fellowship04 Aug 2017
24 Jul 2017Victoria Law Foundation - General Grants
Note: Application limits apply; late NOIS will not be accepted. Interested applicants should contact Vanessa Meachen at Advancement: giving@deakin.edu.au
14 Aug 2017
03 Aug 2017Westpac Bicentennial Foundation - Westpac Research Fellowship17 Aug 2017
03 Aug 2017Jack Brockhoff Foundation - Community Grants.  Note: The Foundation must be called to discuss your application. 17 Aug 2017
05 Sep 2017Australia Council for the Arts - Development Grants, Arts Projects for Individuals and Groups, Arts Projects - Organisations, International Residencies
Note: Application limits may apply, late NOIS will not be accepted. 
19 Sep 2017

Continuous Opportunities

NOIS due Funding Body and Scheme Complete application and signed coversheet
ASAPVESKI - Innovation Fellowship - Applications are reviewed every 6 months. Applications submitted by March 2017 will be reviewed in the first half of 2017.
Note: A cash co-contribution is required, this is the responsibility of the host Faculty/SRC/Institute.
10 working days prior to external submission
ASAPGeorgina Sweet Travel Support for a Female Keynote Speaker in Quantitative Biomedical Science 10 working days prior to external submission
ASAPVictoria Law Foundation (VLF) - Small Grants
Note: You are strongly encouraged to contact the VLF Grants Manager to discuss your project before applying wherever possible. 
10 working days prior to external submission
ASAPDepartment of Agriculture and Water Resources - Agricultural Trade and Market Access Cooperation (ATMAC) Programme 10 working days prior to external submission