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Congratulations to all the schools who've compiled reports for this year's Deakin School News Network News Day!! You can watch each other's reports by clicking on the map below.

More than 60 School News Network students came to the Deakin University Burwood campus for the end-of-year ‘Media Day’.  The students, from Warrnambool College, Newcomb Secondary College and Emerald Secondary College, worked with Deakin University Film and Video students to present TV news bulletins which were streamed live online from Deakin’s high definition TV studio.

They also filmed their own interviews for BBC School Report, who wanted to know what they thought about cricket, with Australia taking on England for The Ashes this summer. See the videos below.

We've also been asked by the BBC's School Report team ( to encourage the schools taking part in The Deakin School News Network to contribute reports to their 'News Day' on 27 March 2014. We'll give you more information about this at the Media Days. DSNN schools joined over 1000 UK schools in this project in 2013 (see: - the first Australian schools to take part.

We hope even more DSNN schools will take part in 2014.

How interested are you in The Ashes cricket series?


Which team do you think is Australia’s biggest rival?


How much of the Ashes cricket will you watch this summer?


Which matches will you be going to - if any?


What type of cricket are you most interested in?


What is the most important sport to you - and why?


bbc home page highlighting Melbourne schools make the newsDSNN Reports Featured on BBC Website

BBC School Report has highlighted the work of Deakin School News Network students on their website. The report 'Melbourne Schools Make the News' featured the great reports DSNN students had done so that UK school students could view them as they prepared for their first 'Practice News Day' in November. The UK students will go 'live' with their own school reports on 27 March 2014 and we hope that many of the DSNN schools will be able to do some fresh reports for the event, too.

Congratulations to three schools from the Deakin School News Network who became the first ever schools to take part in the BBC’s School Report ‘News Day’ on 21 March 2013!

This event involves more than 1000 schools and more than 33,000 students across the UK and internationally do online reports linked together through the BBC website:

Deakin School News Network students from Brauer College, Warrnambool, Keysborough Secondary College and North Geelong Secondary College all compiled reports, which can be viewed by clicking on the map below. The schools have all been working really hard in a short space of time to compile their video news reports and get them uploaded and well done to all the students and staff who’ve been involved.

The BBC even did a story about them for their web page:

In addition, Brauer students compiled a radio bulletin of the day’s news from Australia (a big news day!) - and also a greeting to UK students, which were sent and played out in a live radio programme presented by UK school students and hosted by the BBC as part of their ‘News Day’ events:

Keysborough students also submitted audio questions for an online School Report interview with cricket commentator and journalist, Simon Hughes:

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